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The Producer. The Emcee. The Entertainer Cookbook Sits Down With Jonesy "The Podfather" to Discuss His Background His Spiritual Journey and Most Of All Hip-Hop. You don't Wanna Miss This!

Cookbook (born Jason P. Soto) is an entertainer; it runs in his blood. Since birth, Cookbook sang, and played piano, but it wasn’t until his late school years that he began to delve into the hip-hop scene. Early in his career he gained a respectable level of success with his super group L.A. Symphony. He went on to release multiple albums with his group, as well as several albums with long time friend, and other half of the dynamic duo, Cookbook, and UNO Mas.

As a solo artist, Cookbook released the critically acclaimed “I Love The 80’s” in 2009, including a re-released deluxe edition later in December of that year. In 2010, Cookbook released the single “When You Rock & Roll” with UNO Mas, which featured Evidence of Dilated Peoples. The video went on to win the Freshman contest on with 78% of the votes. In 2011, Cookbook released his long awaited mixtape, “Original Recipes” which features a collection of some of Cookbook’s best work to date, mixed, chopped, cut, and blended by one of hip-hop’s most talented turntablists, DJ Revolution of The World Famous Wake Up Show.

Original Recipes is a prelude to Cookbook’s upcoming album for 2012, “The Smell of Success,” which is set to be his realest album to date. This LP signifies Cookbook’s feeling that he is finally reaching the level of success that he has set for himself. His first single from the new album has already found a home in a national Suzuki commercial, setting up this album to be his most successful yet.

As an accomplished producer, and emcee, Cookbook has worked with some of the best artists, and producers the industry has to offer. He has toured the world, sharing the stage with many greats in Hip-Hop, Pop, and Rock. His passion for Hip-Hop shines through his music, delivering that sound that gets the audience amped. His music is fun, upbeat, & thought-provoking. His stage show is exciting and engaging. He leaves the crowd cheering for more everywhere he goes… Cookbook is not just an emcee, or a producer; he’s an Entertainer.

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