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Covid-19 is Running the Court in the NBA

Covid-19 has been running through the NBA all season, with more cases already than the entirety of last season. There are currently 24 NBA players out due to Covid-19 health & safety protocols, despite the league being 97% medicated.

Chicago Bulls Covid-19 Outbreak
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The Chicago Bulls are Sick

If you follow the sports world, I'm sure you've heard about the Chicago Bulls' Covid-19 outbreak. As of today, 10 of the current 24 NBA players who are out due to Covid-19 health & safety protocols play for the Chicago Bulls, causing their next two games to be postponed, despite the whole team being fully medicated.

Nikola Vucevic even said that most of the team has already received their 3rd dose of medicine. If we're "trusting the science" here, this should raise some eyebrows. It seems as if Bulls Head Coach Billy Donovan would agree with me.

Maybe some of it's from the vaccination, we've got a lot of guys sitting home with no symptoms.

Billy Donovan

Did he just say this Covid-19 outbreak within the Chicago Bulls organization could be at least partly because of the medicine?! I'm surprised nobody is calling for him to be de-platformed for making such a preposterous claim.

Anywho, the next two Chicago Bulls games have been postponed due to the team not having enough players ready to play. Actually, they might have enough ready to play, according to their coach Billy Donovan.

I understand the testing protocols, and I understand what the league's trying to do in terms of keeping and making sure everybody's safe. But we do have guys back there that feel fine.

Billy Donovan

The actual issue is, half of the roster is in health & safety protocols which makes them inactive & unable to play, regardless of their health status.

NBA Covid-19 Protocols

Similar to the NFL, the NBA's Covid-19 protocols are different based on each player's status when it comes to you know what. Players who haven't had their medicine face way stricter rules than those who have. The players who have opted to use their natural immune system aren't allowed to dine indoors in the same room as another player.

They have to stay in their house when the team is in their home city & stay in their hotel room when the team is on the road. The only exceptions that apply are certain necessities such as getting groceries or bringing children to school.

Obviously, team activities such as meetings, practices, or games don't apply for this rule; because the NBA needs players on the court in order to make money.

These players' lockers are separated from their medicated teammates, & they have to use six feet distance in team meetings. NBA players who didn't drink the fauci juice have to test negative once on practice days & test negative twice on game days, while the players who did drink the juice aren't tested regularly. The other rules listed above don't apply to the players who did get their medicine. Source: The Atlantic

The NFL's Current Covid-19 Outbreak

NFL Covid-19 Cases

94% of NFL players have taken their medicine & on December 13, 2021, the NFL reported the highest amount of positive Covid-19 cases in a single day since testing for Covid-19 first started.

The NBA's rules are very similar to the NFL's rules, which we discussed in an earlier episode of I Got Next. Both leagues are discriminating against players who didn't get their medicine, despite the number of cases in the leagues being higher than it was when there was no medicine available.

Covid-19 Running the Court in the NBA

As I previously mentioned, the NBA has already reported more positive cases of Covid-19 than the entire 2020-2021 season.

I'll put this into context: The season started less than 2 months ago & last season was 6 months long.

At this rate, the NBA will 3X their Covid-19 cases in just one year of the medicine being around. You do the math on that one.

What's Happening With Covid-19?

The NBA, as well as other leagues & businesses, are lying to themselves. Everything is contradictory. The NBA wants their players to get their Covid-19 medicine in order to go back to "normal", yet their 97% "success rate" is proving to be in fact unsuccessful. Pure blood NBA players are being ostracized & discriminated against, despite the numbers being lower before the medicine was even involved. This trend is the same anywhere you look. Just take a look at medicine rates & positive case rates in certain areas if you don't believe me.

Both the NBA & the NFL know that their protocols concerning the bug & the bug spray don't make sense, or at the very least are not working. It is well known that individuals with or without the medicine can catch and/or spread the bug.

Why have different rules when the results are the same?

Will Kyrie Irving Play in the NBA This Season?

Look, all I'm saying is Covid-19 is running wild through the NBA right now, & I haven't heard of Kyrie Irving catching the bug YET. Anybody on ESPN gonna talk about that? Nah, that's why I Got Next.

Check out our episode on Kyrie Irving & the NBA's Covid-19 nonsense

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There have been some reports speculating the possibility of Kyrie Irving returning to the Brooklyn Nets this season.

While nothing is confirmed at this moment, these reports bring two possibilities to mind.

The Nets may have realized that taking the medicine doesn't really matter, or in fact could even be making things worse for the league, based solely on the NBA's Covid-19 numbers. The other possibility: KD wants his point guard back on the floor & the Nets need to answer to KD. I believe both are plausible. I'm leaning towards the Nets realizing it doesn't matter & that they can be better & thus make more money with their superstar Kyrie on the floor.

The NBA needs players on the court in order to make money

The Raptors & Pacers recently cancelling practices due to fears of a Covid-19 outbreak along with Billy Donovan's comments on the Chicago Bulls situation are why I'm leaning in that direction.

Teams are waking up to the Bull-Shit.

We talked more in-depth about this situation on our latest episode of I Got Next.

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