Fortify Your Mind

Fortify Your Mind

How to Keep Your Focus In a World of Distractions

We have so many leaks in the boat of our minds

As soon as we start working on something, a distraction comes in. It might be a notification on your phone (turn them off), it could be breaking news coming across the TV (turn it off), or it could be a co-worker stopping by to talk about something totally unrelated (shut your door).

Staying in the Flow

We are surrounded by distractions. Do you ever notice how you can be working away and totally in the zone, then you get a call from someone? You take it, talk for 10 minutes, then try to get back to work. It takes forever to back into the zone you were in. It may not even happen at all.

It’s so important to set out some time each day for the critical work. It doesn’t matter what it is. Just do it free from distraction.

Full Presence

Are you building a business? 3-5 hours of focused, uninterrupted, work can accomplish incredible things. Work on important things. Stay focused. Be efficient. Build an incredible business.

Are you getting in shape? Setting aside that time each day to totally focus on your goal of better health is vital. Get in your workout, schedule your meals for that day, and work on your mindset with meditation and self-hypnosis. Focused and determined for results.

Are you enhancing your relationships? Be fully present. Put away your phone. Look people in the eye, and give your whole, undivided attention to the person or people you are with. Your time and attention are your most valuable assets. When you give them fully to another person with the intent of watering your most important relationships, good things happen.

Staying on Track

It only takes around thirty days to change a habit. A little bit of time each with focused, clear attention and presence is all that is required for you to do anything you can dream.

Most people allow distractions to derail their progress, and they unwittingly get off course, leaving their dreams, goals, and desires in the dust. THIS DOESN’T HAVE TO BE YOU. Once you decide on what you want, schedule blocks of pure time dedicated to achieving it. Filter out the noise of the world. Secure your soul from distraction.

"Fortify your mind, and results will follow."

~ Andy Eversole

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Enjoy the Ride!

Andy Eversole, C.H.

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