Freedom is Inevitable

Freedom is Inevitable

The past year has shown that the lengths that tyrants will go to control, attack, and cripple the ability of people to live their lives has no end. They have gone further than my imagination could have foreseen even two years ago. Governments all over the world have worked together to lock us in our homes with lies and propaganda. A vast majority of people are afraid to step out into the fresh air and take a deep breath.

We are segregated into our homes and led to believe that even hugging our loved ones could kill them. Most people have bought their obvious ploy to divide us and keep us under the state’s watchful eye. The constant show of force to bully innocent people at the point of a gun is on the nightly news. With all of that said, I am going to make what might be a surprising statement. Our world is on the edge of a breakthrough. People are ready to truly be free.

Freedom will not come easily, but it is within our grasp.

I recognize that the majority of the people are acting as sheep and following orders. The American Revolution was fought by around three percent of the population. Those who are challenging the authority today are vastly more than that. A liberty centered awakening is slowly gaining ground because of government overreach into our lives. Eyes are opening all over the globe to a new paradigm that puts the individual front and center.

This evolution has been a long time coming. History has led us to this point. Technology, creativity, and pure will of the human spirit are all coming together to set us free. Whether it is a reaction or an evolution that has been a long time coming is irrelevant. I see it every day. People who do not agree on everything are putting aside their differences and saying loudly, enough is enough.

Obstacles to Freedom

What is keeping the public chained to the dominating force, and violence that is government? That is a complicated answer that would take an entire book of information to fully answer. There are many easily found authors. We can get at the basic concepts pretty easily, though. The simple answer is for us to live freely, love and care for our families, and encourage peaceful communities that cooperate without force.

Before I begin listing the few barriers I see in front of us, I want to stop for a moment and acknowledge that this evolution is coming. I feel it in my bones. It is inevitable. My viewpoint is hopeful and optimistic, but in that view I must boldly recognize that the road ahead has challenges. It is not helpful to deny those challenges. We should prepare for them by trying to see them for what they are and this knowledge will enable us to more easily get through the roadblocks quicker.

We need to focus on the real enemy and work together toward Freedom

The biggest thing stopping us from moving forward is us. We in-fight, argue, and tear down our own. There are a hundred ways that the State can be made irrelevant, yet so many of us think our way is the only one. Although I think that I have a pretty good idea of a solution, namely to invest our time in voluntary cooperation at a local level absent state involvement, watch out I am about to admit I don’t know everything. I could be wrong. What are YOU doing? Maybe your way gets us to a peaceful, free world faster than mine. Please, work just as hard as I am. All I ask is that you spend your time enacting your ideas. They could be the change we need. Most importantly, stop fighting other people who want freedom and are simply trying another method of achieving it.

The government and its friends love when we fight each other. Let’s be honest, the statists are not that smart. Look at the government leaders. Joe Biden is the president. His predecessor was Donald Trump. These were the best those two parties had to offer. So, it is far easier for them to encourage us to attack ourselves because they are clearly flawed. The more time we focus on each other, the less time we focus on their ineptitude.

Working together to make true freedom a reality.

Recently, I had a conversation with someone who considers himself a minarchist. I am an Anarch, self-ruled and do not recognize the authority of any ruler. Most would call me a Voluntaryist or an Anarchist. He told me that he is constantly being attacked by anarchists on line. He has a popular podcast where he spreads the ideas that we own ourselves and that the only valid government is voluntary. The only real difference between he and I are words.

I told him that I have had similar problems. Ironically, I have been attacked by people who call themselves anarchists because I worked on a presidential campaign. I was the Press Secretary for Adam Kokesh who was running to be the Libertarian Party Candidate. It did not matter to them that the central idea of our campaign was using the election as a referendum on whether the federal government should exist. They say we should not engage in the process, and what we are doing gives legitimacy to the government itself. My answer to that is, again, if what I am doing does not work, and this progress to a stateless society is inevitable, maybe what they are doing will get us there. I will not tear down others who are working to help spread freedom.

If you don't like it, just move!

Another obstacle in our way is the integration of the government in everything. In some ways the central planners have their fingers in more than they ever have. The best example of that is land ownership. Two hundred years ago, if you wanted to get away from the state, all you had to do was move. In this country, that is exactly what happened. First people settled in what is now the Midwest, then onto the west. The reason it was the, “Wild West,” is because government did not have control of it. The native tribes had territory but they did not have nearly the centrally planned land that exists today. In the west, today 47%, of the land is owned by the federal government.

The government has taken pains to make sure that they maintain control of all land. What the Bureau of Land Management, or the original BLM, did to Cliven Bundy is a perfect example of the state imposing itself on land. Here is the Wikipedia article for an overview.

Although this story shows the lengths the state is willing to go to maintain its strangle hold on land, it also shows that we can stand against it. The violent monopoly wants us to believe it has complete control, but it also realizes that if it goes too far it will answer to an angry populace. Within that last sentence is contained the secret to our future. They know the people are more powerful than they are. John Locke taught that if land is not being used by anyone for an extended period of time, it belongs to no one. It is in what he called a state of nature. The government has no rightful claim to any of that land. To Locke, to claim ownership of it is to defy natural law. No one does that for long.

Freedom from Propaganda

The final wall in our way to a free society that I would like to discuss is propaganda. This is simple. The government and its controlled media say it is so. This year certainly has shown how absolutely covered in propaganda most people are. The media can flip the details of a story 180 degrees and many people fail to even notice, much less question.

How many people just accept that government is the answer? I don’t think I go one day without facing someone who has no real reason that the government is the answer, yet they say that it is. We are being brainwashed constantly by a complicit media with an agenda to funnel all power to its master, the State.

Like so many of the founding fathers of this country said, a free press is essential to liberty.

The main stream media is bought and paid for by government and multinational corporations. Every story is set up on the same framework. That formula is this, present problem, inform about that problem based on the government’s perspective, and offer the government as the solution. It is the Media’s job to keep the people fearful, compliant, and feeling that there are no solutions outside of those that are controlled and presented.

The media has destroyed all of their own credibility. The American people know that they are being lied to. Sure, the government’s divide and conquer technique has one side believing that CNN is not to be trusted, and the other side believing that Fox News is the devil, but at least people realize that the news is being controlled to some degree. If people take the time to actually look into the stories, they quickly discover that all of them are deceiving us. Proof that people are making this realization is in the fact that “Fake News” is constantly being discussed.

Support independent media sources

We can also look at the rise of independent media as a step towards real journalism. The mainstream media will say that these podcasts and smaller outlets should be researched because they don’t always present unbiased content. Of course they report biased content, but by urging us to investigate our news, they have signed their own death certificate. We will investigate them as well.

What stands in our way to a free world of peace and prosperity? The answer is illusions. None of the examples are real. Other people who are working on liberating us are not my enemy, nor are they yours. The solution to this is simply to stop arguing and focus on your ideas, put them into practice, and may the best idea set us free.

The keys to freedom are already in our hands

The government is not all powerful and can be stopped. Nature is way more powerful than any group of humans. Evolution will make government obsolete. As for the media, they are imploding as we speak. These are not real obstacles. This whole thing reminds me of the movie “A Bugs Life.” Their government, the grasshoppers, used force to extort their currency, food, from the people. The grasshoppers lost control when the ants realized that, though their enemy, or government, was scary and big, they were more powerful than their masters and they prevailed once they stood up to them.

Nothing really stands in our way. All we have to do is keep moving towards freedom. It is coming. We have the opportunity to come together in one voice and say that we own ourselves. That is how I think it will work best. We do not have to be united under one government, to be united in American values. It is time to localize government and it will become voluntary. No individual is our enemy. Our enemy is force, coercion, and violence. Therefore our common foe is central authority. It is oligarchy. We as a people are too good for this government. We will rise together and find our way to an evolution in our lifetime.

Freedom is our destiny

When we look back at 2020- 2022, and the history books are written, they will say that the years of the “Pandemic” led to a time of change. Those in the halls of power have stepped too far into the lives of everyday people. Millions are opening their eyes as we speak. I do not even postulate that I know the rest of this story, but my undying faith in humanity and freedom makes me optimistic. Each individual contributing to the growing voices standing together, no matter what you call yourself, will add to my voice. Freedom is inevitable and the door was opened long ago. No Tyrant can hold back the breaking dawn of a world set free. The sun has risen.

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