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The Lazy Man's Guide To F-U Money by 30!

Your life is nearly perfect if you live with your parents with no girlfriends or kids. It'll be perfect when your parents live with YOU and you know how to choose worthy women to birth your kids. F-U money is not far way must crawl before you ball.

Your income is meager at best. And that's perfectly fine. Some income is better than no income. Since you're freeloading off momma you have next to no bills. This means you can maximize your investment potential. The more liabilities you have the less you have to invest.

Let's say you get a girlfriend. She will rob you of your time, money, and resources. Even if she's a good woman she will still require all of the above. Your investment potential has been immediately chopped in least! Add a baby and it's over. You might as well sell crack at this point. (JOKING!!)

Being single is a life hack!

Bryan Sharpe

You can't fully commit to getting to know someone when you don't even know yourself. No one can tell you when you will know yourself because only YOU control that. The more you focus on yourself the faster you understand yourself.

You must reflect and accept without deflecting from yourself. This requires being honest with yourself. Habitual liars don't only lie to others, they lie to themselves too. Lying to yourself is a cause for lying to others.

Accept all of your flaws. This process is a transmutation of energy for power. Weaknesses are opportunities for strengths. Where you find a weakness you find an opportunity for strength. This is part of the calibration of man. This is how man creates order out of chaos.

Once a man can face himself, he is now ready to face the world. Until then he is still running from and eluding his own acquisition of power. The power is within, not without. Seek it in the without and you will be without.

Why am I telling you this? Because...


If you plan on buying and selling stock then you've come to the wrong "get rich fast blog." Do you know how China went from a bunch of farmers to a world power in 100 years? Because they planned 100 years ahead, not 10.

Too many plan for tomorrow but not the further future. What's your 10-year plan? Start there! Then work backwards to your 5-year and 1-year plans etc. Put a mental time-lock on your portfolio. Always add to your accounts but never take out! Not until year-10 hits then maybe look to take profits and move to harder assets like land, gold and guns.

If you can put your investments on auto-pilot, like with Coinbits, then you never have to think about it. This will allow you to focus on increasing your cashflow. Cashflow is paramount! Whatever little job you have, it's providing cashflow. Don't let anyone knock your hustle. This does not mean you should be complacent. Always look for better!

While you're stacking your stocks you must stack your skills. Learn skills then learn the skills that complement those skills. You want to be so skillful you don't even have to use your skills. You train others with your mastery of those skills and get back to the cashflow!

Your life should exist in three segments. Cashflow, investing and studying. Try to understand the monetization potential of what you study and weigh this with the economic climates which bring depressions. Will an economic crash make you irrelevant? Will AI replace these skills in a few years? Studying your craft includes studying its relevance to the markets.

Now that you have your mind right and money right, it's time to organize how you...

Divide the Pie.

90% of your cash wealth should be working in investments. Of this capital, put 50% in Bitcoin and 50% in Blue-Chip stock. This is an aggressive, yet "safer" investment portfolio. Buy these investments every week or month.

Obviously, there are many ways you can diversify your portfolio. And I strongly urge you to discover them. You don't only have to own Bitcoin, you can own other cryptocurrencies like the new Hotep Coin coming soon!

Investing is a skill you MUST have. Take some time to study this arena intensely. I suggest The Intelligent Investor. The New York Stock Exchange is the heart of the American economy and money is the blood. To not know is to be owned. To know is to own.

Do you own a piece of "The American Dream?" What do you own? Everyone brags about being a CEO but the CEO works for the owner. Strive to be an owner and not a worker. Conversely, being a good owner means knowing how to be a good worker. Do not overlook this stage in your development. Maximize your apprenticeship hours.

To summarize, stay low and keep firing. Great people are grown not born. It takes discipline and patience. Watering your investment portfolio consistently might make you a millionaire by 30. Even if you come up short, you will still have F-U money!

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