Happiness Is Now

Happiness Is Now

The Space Between Breaths

Not tomorrow. Not yesterday. Happiness is now. In this moment.

Think about your breath. Inhale, exhale. One breath at a time. This is all that really exists. When you slow down, and focus on your breath, you begin to realize this. As you concentrate on your breathing, you are truly living in the moment.

In the present moment, problems are non-existent. Only if you look to the past, and think about your mistakes or things people have done wrong to you, do they exist. Only if you look to the future, and worry about things not going right or worry about meeting deadlines or paying bills, do they exist. This is the only time and place problems and stress can live.

If you focus on your breath, and realize that you are simply a human being, breathing, while sitting on this planet, floating through space. Infinite consciousness. Infinite energy. Happiness is a choice. A realization. Happiness is now.

"Happiness is a choice."

Memories and Dreams

Of course we have our memories of the past. Some good, some not so good. These make us who we are. Our lessons, our learnings, our evolution. We have memories of those we have loved and lost. Of great accomplishments. Of big mistakes.

And we have dreams of the future. Goals. Visions. Things to truly strive for. Predictions, for ourselves, humanity, the world. Concerns for where we are headed. Concerns about our financial life, our health, our family’s health.

Yet, none of these things is as real as this moment. This breath. They change, they shift, coming into clarity and disappearing into time. Often we find ourselves stressing about things that may never happen in the future. We find ourselves worrying about something we did in the past, even though we are the only ones still thinking about it.

"We have dreams of the future. Goals. Visions."

A Choice

We must know our history. Where we come from, personally, and as a human family. We must also have dreams, goals, and systems for improvement and growth. This informs us of our path forward.

But we must stay present. Breathing. Smiling. Making the choice that happiness is right now.

Right here.

You are alive. You are reading this. You are breathing. Relax. Know that change is the only constant. Appreciate this moment in the infinity of time. Inhale. Exhale. Choose Happiness.


"Appreciate this moment in the infinity of time."

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Enjoy the Ride!

Andy Eversole, C.H.


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