How Christianity Deepens Your Relationships and Rejuvenates Your Spirit

How Christianity Deepens Your Relationships and Rejuvenates Your Spirit

Christianity- Beginning

These days, Christianity is a loaded word. But, quick question...Who do you do life with? Meaning, who do you communicate with about serious things that transpire in your life? Online people talk about EVERYTHING else, except meaningful things and we suffer for it. However, I believe there's a market for this message. So, this is for the people who want to grow more in their faith. Particularly, those who grew up in the church but lost their way as an adult. Oftentimes, something disheartening happens, kills our faith, and renders us backsliders and half-time homies to Christ.

Yeah, we used to go to the Sunday services, time-consuming weekend summer conferences, etc. But, look at us now. As men in this generation, we are bombarded with diverse temptations left and right. Drugs, alcohol, partying, sex. For us wayward believers, it’s an adjustment to come back to the law of your childhood. But, sometimes this world just gets you down, and you "come back home" so to speak. Perhaps, this is a universal truth for most believers in our position. No doubt, true faith (specifically Christianity) transcends race (for true believers at least), age, class, creed, or any vapid immutable characteristics.

Christianity at its core

Yes, Christianity is about following Christ but also fellowship. Sonship. Brotherhood. We don't and won't find that in the world. Especially when we have a calling in our life. We find a unique intimacy with other believers whereby you share the most personal things with one another. Versus meaningless small talk about the weather or silly things. Ordinarily, we avoid oversharing but it's natural to among fellow Christians. Actually, the Bible encourages us to confess our sins to one other.

With young people (especially young men) there’s a pandemic of loneliness. In 2022, we have never been more isolated and alone to face and deal with ourselves. After the world’s beat you up embittered you and you feel unworthy of God’s love, one of two things happen (maybe even both if you wait long enough). 1.) You submit to being bitter 2.) God will bring someone to you to manifest his love to you and reach you where you are.

Changes and Challenges

When you start following Christ, your conversations and dialogue begin to have more substance. Especially with other Christians. They mean more. They bring accountability. “Hey, did you finally check out Ecclesiastes 3?” hits differently than "Did you see the new episode of Euphoria last night?" When's the last time someone said to you, “Did you eat today?” or "I prayed for you," and made some strong eye contact? and not just out of being religious but from genuine concern...

I’ve heard stories from ministers of the most macho, tough guys breaking down crying in the presence of God. Sometimes traumatic things happen in your life that you thought you already got over. Then, suddenly something (a movie, name, phrase, etc.) reminds you of that irksome memory or person who did you wrong. It can be hard to deal with this until we work on our hearts. The Bible talks about the heart A LOT.

The stories in the Bible used to be taught objectively. In fact, there are many lessons in this big book that are still applicable today. Indeed, nothing is new under the sun. From adultery, jealousy, thievery, drunkenness, etc. best believe someone faced it before you did! The sense of community, unity, and love you feel among other Christians in the church is unbeatable. In closing, just as you place attention on your muscles and body, you need to place it also on your mind and spirit. Because a man not in tune with his spirit is not a full man!

Christianity vs. The World

Christianity is a religion of peculiar people and pariahs. In fact, the Bible even says this much. So, if you’re hated by the world, know that Jesus Christ was hated by it first. A man who did nothing wrong. So often we forget not to let what happens to us happen in us. But a relationship with God through prayer and other Christians helps keep us accountable.

After a while, you get tired of living in the world. It may sound crazy to say. Surely, I know it sounds crazy to hear it. But, eventually, you get tired of partying, feelingless sex, and downright meaninglessness. I hope this doesn't come off preachy, but instead an unction to do whatever you already know you've got to do.

Have you ever seen the movie 2012? No fancy buildings, status, titles, or material mattered at the end when the Earth undid itself and returned to dirt...

What profits a man to gain the world and lose his soul?

Mark 8:36
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