How Fear and Stress Lower Your Immune System

How Fear and Stress Lower Your Immune System

The Mind-Body Connection

We all intuitively know that the mind-body connection is an important aspect in the entire spectrum of our existence. Happiness, joy, excitement, and fulfillment lead to great health. Fear, anxiety, stress, and anger lead to dis-ease. Ancient spiritual disciplines have taught us this for millennia. This is no big secret to anyone who has spent even a little bit of time studying the human mind, and the main reason my life’s path has led me toward using hypnosis as a powerful healing tool.

"The mind-body connection is an important aspect in the entire spectrum of our existence."

Yet, it is still intriguing and fascinating to read the science on these matters as they begin to catch up to some of humanity’s best kept secrets. After reading this tweet from the Dalai Lama, I looked into some of the studies that have been done regarding the effects of stress on the immune system.

The Science

One of the first articles I found came from 2006, and includes studies dating all the way back to the 1980’s. In one particular study, they monitored a large group of students who were going through a school year. Without fail, around the time of their exams, the students' immunity would always become lower. This was attributed to the lessening of their killer T-cells, which fight off tumors and viral infections. The students “almost stopped producing immunity-boosting gamma interferon and infection-fighting T-cells.”

Another study found that isolation and a lack of social circles would have deteriorating effects on one’s immunity. As the findings state, “Small networks and loneliness each independently weakened immunity to a core vaccine component. Immune response was most weakened by the combination of loneliness and small social networks, an obvious health stress facing shy new students who have yet to build their friendship circles.”

You can read the full article here –

The studies suggest, as many have known all along, that the connection between the mind-state and body are incredibly powerful and complex. True health comes by a holistic approach. Mind, body, and spirit must all be taken into account. If you are happy, but obese, your overall health will suffer. If you are in great shape, but constantly stressed, you will still suffer from dis*ease and infection.

Taking Personal Responsibility

Given the world that we now all live in, it’s never been more important to have a strong, robust, and healthy immune system. As the studies suggest, much of this is accomplished in the mind. Relaxation, meditation, hypnosis, friends, and family are all huge factors. Obviously eating high quality foods, including lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, and daily exercise also play a big part.

"Given the world we now all live in, it's never been more important to have a strong, robust, healthy immune system."

It’s become painfully obvious that our health is our own responsibility. Throughout this entire "pandemic,” I’ve heard very little about the importance of exercise, healthy eating, and mental fitness. Heck, we’ve even been bribed by free doughnuts, fries, and burgers to take the vaccine! What does that tell you?

Think and Grow Healthy

I’m not a doctor, and I’m not here to offer medical advice. I think it’s everyone’s own personal right to make their own medical decisions.

I’m just pointing out the ever-increasing body of evidence that suggests the incredible effect our thoughts, emotions, and feelings have on our overall health. This is a deep truth I have felt since I was very young, and continues today in my work as a hypnotherapist and health coach. It’s one of my main missions in life to help people live healthy, happy, rich, and fulfilled lives through these understandings.

If you would like to take back control of your own mind and body, I’m here to help. It’s very likely that one of the virtual programs I’ve developed is just the thing you are needing to get you on the right path. So take a look below at what I’ve created and see if you’re ready to TAKE YOUR HEALTH TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

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