How To Attract Women Without Pickup Lines

How To Attract Women Without Pickup Lines

Attraction Gurus

There is a whole world of “pickup gurus” on the internet that can tell you just the right line to say at just the right time to get the girl of your dreams. You say this thing after she says that, you turn this way when she gives you a certain look…on and on. The promise of these pickup gurus is that once you learn the secrets of these social dynamics with women, it will be like pulling back the curtain on attraction, and you’ll never have a problem again.

Although this can work to a certain extent, there are several problems with this approach. Now, don’t get me wrong. Learning social skills can have a powerful effect, not only with your relationships with women, but also across every other aspect of your life. Business, leadership, sales, friendships, family relations, can all be enhanced by developing your social skills.

Pickup Pitfalls

However, when it comes to attracting and moving forward with beautiful women, following the advice and tactics of the gurus can have several pitfalls.

For one, in the case that it does work, it’s not likely to be a high quality woman. A smart, intuitive, beautiful, fun woman, the kind you most desire to attract, will see right through your smoke and mirrors. They will immediately sense your lack of depth.

Secondly, who wants to remember a bunch of lines, patterns, and responses anyway? Having a few stories from your own life that are funny and engaging, that you can tell naturally, is great. But if you are constantly thinking about what to say next, or what response you will use if she says something unexpected, then you are completely separate from the moment. And again, a desirable woman will rapidly feel your lack of spiritual peace.

"A desirable woman will rapidly feel your lack of spiritual peace."

Andy Eversole

Attraction From the Inside Out

True attraction comes from your energy. Women have magic powers when it comes to energy. Your lines and patterns may open the door for further interaction, but your energy will tell the truth eventually. These four steps below will help you cultivate a powerful, positive energy that will continually attract just the right women, partners, experiences, and opportunities, at just the right time.

1) Lead an Interesting Life - If you lead an interesting life, you will always have cool stories to tell. Travel to strange places. Read some books about occult things like aliens or psychic phenomenon. Women love to talk about the unknowns of the world.

Do dangerous things like skydiving or deep sea fishing. Not only will you have great stories, but women will pick up on the energy that you have interesting things going on and will want to accompany you on your adventurous life.

2) Have a Dream - It’s not where you are now, it’s where you’re going. Without a dream, you are just a ship lost at sea. If you have a definite idea and goal where you want to go, women will want to join on that mission with you.

Women do not want to be the most important thing in your life. Even though they will continually try to test you and make themselves the most important, they will be endlessly attracted to the man who has a mission that’s bigger than her.

3) Basic Health & Finances - You don’t have to be rich or completely ripped to attract beautiful women. But you also can’t be a broke, fat, slob, vegetating on the couch all day and attract the woman of your dreams. Females, at least the kind you’re after, aren’t simply attracted because of your money or good looks. These things may open the door. But girls want to have fun. They want spontaneity and excitement.

They are attracted to the way you make them feel, not the car you drive or the watch you wear. As long as you have the basic financial necessities taken care of, and you are striving each day to become healthier and stronger, then the first two keys above will be all you need to attract gorgeous women.

4) Read The Tantric Male - Ok. I’m Plugging My Book Here. But if you’ve gotten this far in the article, then you are serious about this issue. I wrote this book for guys like you. Tantra is the ancient Indian art and science of sacred, sexual, spiritual energy. Understanding Tantra will put you in a radically advantageous position to attract and keep amazing and beautiful women in your life. It will show how to build your own energy that does the attracting for you, rather than having to memorize and bunch of lines and canned dialogues.

Energy Control

When you are sitting down and talking to a gorgeous, smart, powerful woman, do you want to be coming from a place of deep peace, erotic energy, and spiritual adventurousness, or do you want to be nervous, anxious, and scattering about in your mind about what to say next? Relax, live in the moment, enjoy the beauty and orgasmic energy all around you, and become a Tantric Male.

You can start reading The Tantric Male immediately with the E-Book HERE. If you prefer physical books, order a paperback copy from Amazon. Or, if you just want to dip your toes in the water, simply begin with the Free Tantra E-Course.

Either way you go, get started on the Tantric Path today my brother.

Explore and enjoy!

Andy Eversole

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