How to get free Bitcoin instantly in USA

How to get free Bitcoin instantly in USA

You don't have to be wealthy to own Bitcoins whether you are in Texas, Michigan, or Brazil. Anyone can learn about Bitcoin and earn free Bitcoin. If you ask, "What Is Bitcoin?" or "How can I get free Bitcoin instantly in USA?" then this post is for you.

Disclaimer : This is not a financial advice. It is important to do due diligence and pay attention to Bitcoin. Learn about the Bitcoin system. Make an informed and safe decision to buy Bitcoin instantly in 2021. We do not have governance over Bitcoin either. We do have affiliate links in this article, where you also have the opportunity to earn Bitcoin and dollars. This supports the contributors of the Men of Order community.

Table of content:

  • Is Bitcoin going mainstream?
  • Due diligence before investing
  • What is Bitcoin and how does Bitcoin system work?
  • Get free Bitcoin and buy Bitcoin instantly in USA

Global Bitcoin news first

Belize has adopted blockchain technology as a nation and you can now buy real estate with Bitcoin. Mexico and Canada are right behind them.

In Ghana land registry on blockchain technology and digital transformation is being tested and the Bank of Ghana is launching its own currency.

Closer to home, while the heads of state and financial institutions are working hard to create and roll out their own version of digital currency. Here are some top highlights :

Miami’s Mayor, Francis Suarez is grifting for Miami’s tourism to make it a Bitcoin hub and world’s cryptocurrency capital, initiating the idea of paying city employees in Bitcoin.

This in turn enabled the city to host the largest gathering for Bitcoiners with over 10,000 people at Bitcoin 2021 Conference Miami last June focusing on hyperbitcoinization.

The grift at its highest peak lives here:

Elon Musk is invested into Bitcoin with Tesla and earning creator coins too.

The Winklevoss twins became billionaires from Bitcoin as they bought Bitcoin in bulk and grifted into the industry as early advocates; a great victory after the buzz that Facebook was their idea which Mark Zuckerberg stole.

Is Bitcoin going mainstream?

For those who have Bitcoin, congrats! You are one step ahead, and the exceptional 1% of the world's population.

The problem is for people who want to participate and do not know where to start with the Bitcoin system. Some have scam concerns or subliminally influenced by media.

Over the last decade, headlines broke out with bad reviews of Bitcoin and its uses. Bad guys were pointed out which resulted in creating regulations for financial technology and banking industry. The regulations appear to protect citizens from decentralized freedom and protect centralized financing and institutions.

The cryptocurrency news buzz is hot whether Bitcoin will soar to $100,000 or $1,000,000. The other question is whether the financial system is in a big bubble waiting to burst and see Bitcoin crash to zero!

While fraud and scam is major by unknown fake social profiles and phishing methods, the foundation of Bitcoin is designed to argue against these claims of money laundering. Also, no mention to $46.4 billion in fines paid by financial institutions for anti-money laundering and illegal activities.

Due diligence before investing

You can apply best practices in the process to learn about Bitcoin and crypto currency. You don't want to regret not investing in Bitcoin and there is no need to make a FOMO decision. FOMO means “fear of missing out”. This popular meme metaphor is a common experience in the financial world of those aspiring to get rich overnight. Mostly drifters who rely on Twitter for facts about Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency are doing it wrong.

Whether it is your hard earned income, passive or inherited income or your stimulus check, validate the legitimacy of where you invest your capital.

Read about Bitcoin, how to stack on Bitcoin smartly and how to get Bitcoin for free.

What is Bitcoin and how does Bitcoin system work?

First, we begin with how Bitcoin started. In October of 2008, an anonymous email went into circulation within a cryptography community and the Bitcoin white paper was revealed. A white paper is simply a detailed technical explanation of how the model works, which will help to comprehend more about Bitcoin, Ethereum and cryptocurrency.

Meaning, this Bitcoin whitepaper is the first source of how Bitcoin started before Ethereum and other digital currencies.

By definition, Bitcoin is simply a peer to peer transaction on a decentralized system (no central governance) that does not require a third party to intervene.

Highlights of how Bitcoin works in simple terms :

  • No government or anyone one particular entity owns authority over Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin is decentralized (no central governance)
  • It is a peer-to-peer transaction network (cut out the middle man)
  • Bitcoin is based on proof of work (miners solve puzzles and get Bitcoin for the work)
  • With proof of work, miners earn Satoshis
  • 1 Bitcoin equals 100 Million Satoshis
  • Bitcoin is immutable and secure (blocks cannot be altered)
  • Bitcoin is transparent (they appear on blocks viewable by anyone)
  • There will only be 21 million Bitcoins mined (they have a genuine value)
  • You don’t have to buy a whole Bitcoin (a few Satoshis with DCA model explained below)
  • Bitcoin is “backed by energy, which is backed by Earth!”

Coinbitsapp Co-Founder, serial tech entrepreneur and author, Bryan “Hotep Jesus” Sharpe, explains Bitcoin in the simplest terms :

“Bitcoin is backed by proof-of-work, which is backed by energy, which is backed by Earth.” - Hotep Jesus

In conclusion, Bitcoin is not going anywhere and is here to stay.

Getting started with Bitcoin resources

First, who do you listen to?

Second, when want to learn more about what Bitcoin, where do you start?

Third, when you don't have Bitcoin, how much of your capital assets should be in Bitcoin?

With these three top questions, you can use it as a compass to guide your judgement and intuition with the information you get exposed to.

Google generally pulls the most visited results and being popular is not the same as being the best or safe way to buy or sell Bitcoin in USA.

We tested out many exchanges and wallets and pick some easy to get Bitcoin exchanges in USA here.

Coinbase is popular and has grown rapidly, ready to go public. While it is a popular crypto exchange, is a publicly-traded company a good thing for the consumer market? We're not experts in this, though there are other ways to get Bitcoin instantly.

Blockfi is a DeFi exchange and wallet service (DeFi means decentralized finance or digital bank) that offers the option to buy Bitcoin instantly and hold your Satoshis in a Bitcoin wallet like a bank account. You can earn interest and withdraw funds without fees once a month for free.

Bitcoin is Hotep

Our favorite pick is Coinbitsapp that lets you earn Bitcoin without changing your buying habits. It is easy to start a Bitcoin wallet in simple steps with a credit card. Coinbitsapp has now expanded community outreach via Clubhouse hosted by Hotep Jesus featuring his partner and co-founder Maher Janajri .

Fans of Hotep Jesus grabbed the opportunity to engage directly with him and co-founders of Coinbitsapp on Clubhouse. It is a smart way to plug in to communities of Bitcoin exchange and wallet companies. Join them and learn about Bitcoin from seasoned developers and investors.

Generational financial literacy is as important as generational wealth. Hence, Hotep Jesus's lead to help people to buy Bitcoin or get free Bitcoin matches his community advocacy to teach youth about Fintech. Hotep Nation, an organization who empowers people in self-sustainability, has a community mission focused to train Black youth in marginalized communities to learn Fintech (financial technology).

Bitcoin and Black America by Isaiah Jackson

One of the early advocates in Black community for Bitcoin ownership is Isaiah "Bitcoin Zay" Jackson. He is the author of Bitcoin & Black America which breaks down the problem and what you can do to take charge now.

A crash course from an industry veteran is in this Youtube video. Don Tapscott’s viral Ted Talk highlights the future of Bitcoin, blockchain technology and Internet of Things. His grift goes way back when he released the book The Digital Economy in the 90s; and perhaps a Grifties in Tech Award is due.

Our favorite and best way to learn and immerse into the space are through events. Some of the renowned conferences held to not be missed are Bitcoin Conference and Futurist Conference in North America.

We know women are breaking barriers in the tech space, though, here's a unique founder, social media Influencer and Women in Crypto, CryptoWendyO. She has a free newsletter for the community to learn about Bitcoin and DeFi projects. She’s another self-made millionaire contributing to advocacy for decentralized finance and youth.

How much Bitcoin should I buy in 2021?

Bitcoin soared by $30,000 between December 2020 and March 2021. The buzz about another bull market to $100,000 and many Quora posts and Discords are blowing up with newbies who ask when to buy Bitcoin in 2021. Or whether they should buy Ripple!!!

Firstly, we will stick to Bitcoin to make it simple in getting started to buy or sell Bitcoin in 2021.

Secondly, Hoteps recommend to buy Bitcoin and hold. Along with Bitcoin maximalists in the community. For good reason.

Thirdly, the best way to own Bitcoin with little risk is to apply a dollar cost average model. When you know an estimate of how much you want to invest over time, this can work well. Then split that in small amounts of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly Bitcoin auto-buy.

Over time, this takes out the worry of the price of Bitcoin is today.

You won't worry about chasing the latest Bitcoin dip or the crypto bull market. Risk is spread out over time, and you position yourself to acquire a significant amount of Satoshis or a whole Bitcoin is more likely to be successful.

Finally, validate is the legitimacy of the Bitcoin exchange company or wallet where you want to get safely. It is better to have 0.001 BTC than no Bitcoins at all.

Get free Bitcoin and buy Bitcoin instantly in USA

The great news is, you don’t have to be tech savvy to be able to buy or sell Bitcoin. Some Bitcoin exchanges make it easy to onboard without hassle, where you can buy or earn Bitcoin instantly in USA.

Coinbitsapp is legally registered in the United States as a Bitcoin exchange and wallet company. The goal and purpose of Coinbitsapp is to make it accessible, easy and safe to buy Bitcoin using a credit card in 2021. You get a Bitcoin wallet instantly and can buy easily anytime you want.

A statement of “I don’t have Bitcoin" should end with "until now". The ability to buy Bitcoin instantly in the fastest and most secure way makes Coinbitsapp a great place to start hassle-free.

Coinbitsapp’s sign up process has easy to follow steps and lets you earn cashback in Bitcoin when you use your credit card to make other purchase.

How can I earn free Bitcoin instantly in USA?

First and foremost, if you did your due diligence, then you won't have to worry about the Instagram DM or Quora post telling you to "give me $300 and I'll make you $5,000!".

Warning: KEEP AWAY from those fake-profile creepers! The police nor the bank can help you to get your money back.

You can also check out Youtube Influencers and how they buy, earn or sell Bitcoin in USA or your local country.

If you don’t have a credit card, have bad credit or are in debt, you can still earn free Bitcoin. The safest ways to earn Bitcoin is :

  1. Bitcoin mining
  2. Round-off Bitcoin with day-to-day credit card or debit card purchases
  3. Bitcoin Affiliates and crypto-currency referral programs
  4. Cash-back rewards in crypto from online shopping

Miners get paid in Bitcoin when they solve the puzzles on the blockchain. However, that requires learning to mine, purchasing mining equipment and managing or access to a large amount of electricity to mine Bitcoin.

You can earn free Bitcoin with zero risk.

With Coinbitsapp, when you use your credit card to make other purchases, you earn Bitcoin cash back rewards, just like loyalty points. The great aspect of this is you can continue to earn your regular rewards with your credit card company and double down to earn Bitcoin rewards when you get a Coinbitsapp Bitcoin wallet.

Coinbitsapp also has an Affiliate program where you can simply share your link and earn referral rewards.

You can act instantly and earn Satoshis while you sleep or wonder why your life sucks when Bitcoin price prediction in 2040 is estimated to reach $1,000,000. Click here to get started to give and get free Bitcoin.

Additionally, you add more Bitcoin bonus by shopping at brands who offer free crypto cashback. The only catch is to take the extra step and learn about Ethereum wallets and $ETH gas fees. If these terms are unfamiliar to you, begin with Bitcoin on Coinbitsapp before graduating to own other cryptocurrencies.


  1. Do your due diligence to learn about Bitcoin.
  1. Bitcoin is in limited quantity, thus scarce.
  1. Get Bitcoin or be prepared to write down 10 reasons why you should not have Bitcoin, unless you have too much money


Get your fingers clicking and your creative hack to spread the word with Affiliate links. Earn Bitcoin easily when people safely get Bitcoin with their credit card in USA.

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Stay in motion, hotep and build.

What a great time to be alive!

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