How To Not Sound Like A Slave Owner

How To Not Sound Like A Slave Owner

This “How To” series is usually reserved for an adorable, senile old man. But now a California woman with poorly fitted false teeth has entered the arena of teachable moments.

So today we will explore best practices for concealing your inner racist and your hidden plots to exploit people you deem inferior:

  1. Don’t say shit like “we need them to pick the crops” when describing the people you claim to care so much about.

That’s pretty much it. It’s not that complicated.

Or, you could just keep being Nancy Pelosi:

It’s hard not to remember Laura Loomer‘s epic reverse Uno card she played on the House Speaker back in 2019. Hoteps BEEN Told You broke it down beautifully:

And then again Loomer did the same thing at Gavin Newsome’s house a month later:

The best podcast on earth is here and if you want more valuable How To’s, here are a couple to get you caught up:
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