Irrational Female Decision-Making

Irrational Female Decision-Making

Men are from mars and women are from Venus. Someone take the guy that said that in the back and bury him next to old yeller.

Males interpret reality in an orderly-simplistic way.

  1. Thing happens
  2. Think about the facts of what happened
  3. Whatever else you want to think about
  4. Best decision/interpretation
  5. Action/inaction
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Contrary to common held belief, women interpret reality in an orderly-simplistic way once you understand how their emotions determine their rationality.

  1. Event happens
  2. Think about how that makes them feel
  3. Action/inaction based on feeling good or feeling bad

Women are completely irrational and inconsistent in their thinking. Only when framed under the male frame work of thinking. I believe the male way of thinking to be the correct one, and the only way to subjectivity.

However, there is a completely rational way to interpret the irrational female decision-making process. By the end of this, you will see that the female line of thought "makes sense".

Ruled by their emotions

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Women are highly instinctual. How something makes them feel dictates their decision-making.

First, you have to understand that to a woman, her feelings are present and they matter. As men, we acknowledge women have feelings but often dismiss them as wrong, irrelevant, incorrect, or irrational.

But to her, what she feels is there. To tell her it’s not there, or it's wrong, often results in the backlash like you are accusing her of lying—I’m sure you guys know what I’m talking about.

If something makes her feel good it’s good. If something makes her feel bad, it is bad.

This is why women struggle with the truth—a lot of the time, the truth hurts. So to a woman, how can the truth be the right line of thought if her feelings are telling her it’s something that makes people feel bad.

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This line of interpretation extrapolates many different ways:

  • You say something that makes her feel bad.:
    • You're bad and what you said is bad
    • You're good and what you said is bad.
  • You make her mad/feel bad
    • Agreeing with you doesn't feel good so you are bad.
    • She can no longer agree with you because doing so means she is bad, which doesn't make her feel good, so disagreeing is actually right because it makes her feel better.
  • You lie to her to make her feel good
    • She will comply because you are good.
    • Disagreeing with you makes her feel bad, because you are good, and she wants to be good too.
  • She does something bad to you
    • To confirm that she's right about being a bad person thus calming her anxiety.
    • Women hate weakness and she needs to feel better about letting a weak man take advantage of her valuable time.
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It's incredibly toxic in my opinion. But once you realize it's all based on confirming what her feelings decide is good and bad, you find the logic in their decision making.

Social Dynamics

Time for some mental gymnastics.

As men, we all agree that women can look at the sky and say it’s red one day, blue another day, and pass a lie detector both times. Thus, our understanding of their thought process as irrational idiocrasy.

But once again, it is a logical thought process based on how she feels.

A girl could hate you because you make her feel bad. Then get around a public area where multiple girls look at you with love and respect. Being left out could make her feel bad, and thus alter her opinion about you to one of love and respect as well.

Feeling like she belongs with the social group makes her feel good, versus her previous disposition toward you making her feel bad. Thus, to female logic, choosing to love and respect you is the correct choice because her feelings a real, and to deny them is to be wrong.

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Things like this are how women can lie, and not believe they lied. Lies are bad, I think we all agree on that. So if her lying feels good, it cannot be a lie by the definition of lies being bad.

That is also how women can say one thing in private, another in public, and at each moment in time, believe both.

Male Feelings

I wrote in the past about how male feelings are instincts for the survival of the species. Understanding female logic was key to myself tapping back into my instincts.

  1. Event happens
  2. Think about the facts of what happened
  3. Whatever else you want to think about
  4. Best decision/interpretation
  5. How do you feel about that decision: good or bad
  6. Action/inaction

After adding “how does this make me feel” to my decision-making process, I found myself relieving massive amounts of stress from my life. My decision-making became more streamlined and congruent with who I am and what I want to accomplish, eliminating a lot of activities that felt worthless.

Hotep Jesus Tweet:

As a man, I found myself acting because I wanted to act, and not because someone told me to do so. Moving with complete intent. And disengaging from conversations (or tweets) that did not serve me in any way shape or form.

Females are ruled by their emotions. Even though they may seem irrational, there is a level of logic to their decision-making. And adding that filter to your decision-making will help you move with congruency and intent. Some might call that, being Men of Order.

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