Jake Paul Signs with PFL

Jake Paul Signs with PFL

The YouTube enigma turned boxer has signed a multi-fight deal with the Professional Fighters League. Paul then called out former UFC Superstar Nate Diaz to a two-fight bargain.


I'm Not Surprised MotherF*****

The callout doesn't come as a surprise, but the stipulations to the offer from Paul to Diaz is nothing short of interesting. According to Paul, the first bout would be a boxing match with traditional boxing rules. Then, after a 6 month break for a new camp, the two would compete in an MMA fight. Under PFL's banner.

The Catch

The announcement to compete in MMA isn't the biggest move Paul is making. Additionally, he announced the creation of the "PFL Pay-per-view Super Fights Division". Paul would act as the "Head of Fighter Advocacy", insisting on a HUGE pay scale opportunity to the fighters who compete in the organization. Paul detailed the whole deal below.


4D Chess

Jake Paul has been an adamant supporter of increasing fighter pay since he came on to the boxing scene. Ridiculing the UFC and more specifically Dana White on the business practices of the biggest MMA promotion in the world. To think Paul didn't execute this announcement RIGHT on the heels of the damning video involving White and his wife, would be a huge underestimation of his grift. The UFC is not looking good at the moment, offering no statement or plans of punishment for their President.

Two A Sides

As a business move this is absolutely excellent. Paul has decided to lay it all on the line while assisting the PFL with gaining ground on the UFC as a legit promotion. A two-fight deal with Nate would bring him the MMA A-side, which is the validation he's thirsty for.

Don't play yourself, Jake Paul can box. And he has all the resources and time to train effectively to prepare. Do I think he beats a "polished", boxing focused Diaz? No, I don't. And I'm certain Nate locks in a guillotine quicker than Andrew Tate's 33 cars were seized in the PFL cage. But God Damn this was a brilliant play, and if those fights come to fruition, Paul comes out smelling like roses either way. Because Nate Diaz is no slouch in the squared circle.

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