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JRE 1782 - Daniel Holzman (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1782

Daniel Holzman is the chef and restauranteur behind New York City's The Meatball Shop and Danny Boy's Famous Original Pizza in Los Angeles. His new book, "Food IQ: 100 Questions, Answers and Recipes to Raise Your Cooking Smarts," is available now.

Don't go into this one with an empty stomach is all I can say. Otherwise, you are going to be salivating at the mouth thinking about Texas smoked steaks, pizza, pasta - you name it.

Daniel is a low-key sort of expert. He's down to Earth and funny to listen to. He sounds like if Jonah Hill was a chef. The book sounds fantastic. This is definitely the sort of guy who could bring home cooking to the masses.

The interview is sprinkled with Jiu Jitsu talk throughout and wraps up the last 20 minutes or so with a conversation about martial arts training. We also get not one, but TWO Rogan RantsTM in this episode!
(We do not actually have a pending trademark on "Rogan Rant". But we should.)


5:50 You want me to throw my steak directly on the coals?!

9:55 When to use cast iron vs. carbon steel. How to cook steaks.

19:00 Why's Texas so excellent at the BBQ game?

34:00 Daniel claims he can actually make a really good gluten free pizza.

36:00 What it's like to apprentice with the pizza Yoda.

37:57 How we lost three generations of cooking heritage but the internet is bringing it back!

41:50 What should people starting out in cooking do? How do cooks come up in the business?

58:19 Quick and dirty history of pizza in America

1:00:00 The best wood for smoking meat (pause)

1:05:50 This huge grill Daniel invented. Discussing all different kinds of grills and their benefits.

1:23:18 Difference between grilling and BBQ and when to use which. What to do with frozen steak.

1:39:10 Rogan RantTM on BMI segues to taking care of your body.

1:46:20 Coffee talk

1:57:41 Daniel explaining his book and what distinguishes it from other cookbooks.

1:59:40 What is the difference in olive oils?

2:05:10 Grain or grass fed steak?

2:10:30 Hot sauce got embargoed by the health department. The great hot sauce debate!

2:22:15 The hippies were right.

2:23:00 Pasta

2:28:30 Why is Mexican food so good?

2:32:45 Rogan RantTM on cultural appropriation.

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