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JRE 1783 - Ben Burgis (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1783

Ben Burgis is a columnist for Jacobin Magazine, an adjunct philosophy professor at Morehouse College, and the host of the podcast and YouTube show "Give Them An Argument." He's the author of several books including "Christopher Hitchens: What He Got Right, How He Went Wrong, and Why He Still Matters" and "Canceling Comedians While the World Burns: A Critique of the Contemporary Left."

Ben is a socialist and I think we should not be too harsh in holding that against him. There's only about 15 minutes of time at the beginning that covers the basic bitch arguments for socialism. To be fair, he doesn't go full commie on us in this episode. Rather, he expresses several points of agreement throughout this episode and that is kind of the point.

What is it about our political landscape that makes conversation next to impossible? Well, this interview covers most of them, from social media censorship to a pathological affliction to only argue about the low hanging fruit.

As an aside, it is kind of hilarious how Rogan is painted as some alt-right figure when his political views lean heavy to the left.


6:15 Rogan's arguments for socialism.

12:40 Ben tries to debunk "more government = more bureaucracy." Tries.

21:45 Jeff Bezos is literally trying to fuck space.

30:30 We need to communicate with each other: why this commie thinks de-platforming is wrong.

31:45 Rogan's Ben Shapiro impersonation.

33:30 Rogan's got nothing but love for his gay friends.

34:24 Bible talk.

35:08 How Rogan's opinion on religion has changed.

38:00 What Socialists are doing to hurt their positions.

44:00 Jeff Bezos - then & now

48:10 What happened to the Left that they became the side that wants censorship? Long talk on corporate censorship, de-platforming and misinformation.

1:12:15 How do we get people on the Left to realize censorship is a horrible idea?

1:24:45 UPenn trans swimmer. What makes a woman?

1:42:38 Criticizing antifa. Is fascism on the rise in America? The problems with Antifa.

1:47:00 Rogan RantTM against Antifa

1:54:00 What makes a "real journalist?"

2:02:05 How social media is destructive to human interaction and your brain.

2:12:30 Why the left spends time on stupid shit.

2:19:55 Attacking comedians is symptom of how extreme a moralistic approach to politics can get - Chappelle convo.

2:34:00 Ben was at that one Democratic Socialist convention. lolol

2:45:06 USA's role in the world.

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