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JRE 1784 - Diana Rodgers & Robb Wolf (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1784

Diana Rodgers is a registered dietitian, nutritionist, and host of the "Sustainable Dish" podcast. Robb Wolf is a former research biochemist, author, and co-host of "The Healthy Rebellion" radio podcast, alongside his wife Nicki Violetti. They are the co-authors of "Sacred Cow: The Case for (Better) Meat," a companion book to the documentary of the same name.

This is certainly one of those episodes that hooks you immediately and is engaging throughout. Diana and Robb talk from experience and expertise on the meat-based diet.

Did you know 1 in 3 people in the USA are either diabetic or pre-diabetic? 70% of our population is overweight or obese. Are hippies destroying our bodies and the environment? Is it because climate change "wokeness" is ruining literally EVERYTHING!?

The discussion covers diet, agriculture and environmental factors. In doing so, Diana and Robb lay out an extremely compelling ethical case for meat production and meat based diets.

You'll never want to eat an Impossible Burger after listening to this.

Also - fuck Bill Gates.


5:15 Brief rundown on the benefits of carnivore diet - as far as we know.

9:40 Different people groups and their diets, including life expectancy parallels.

14:50 Why lonely people die early. 😞

15:10 Exercise's relationship to longevity.

17:00 How much protein should you be eating? (SORRY VEGANS)

20:00 Beef vs. bean protein.

23:10 What is the optimal plant protein?

26:20 Micro-nutrients from steak vs. beans.

27:53 Bio-availability of animal based food vs. plant based food, and also cooked vs. uncooked meat.

34:00 Beef is 30% more nutrient dense than chicken.

35:40 Raising beef is actually GOOD for the environment? 🤯

40:35 Doing weird shit with bananas (pause).

44:39 What is Celiac disease? What is causing food-related auto-immune difficulties?

52:35 Cooked versus raw vegetables? Meat is getting a bad rap health-wise, and it's probably because of those climate crazies.

56:36 For example, Bill Gates is funding fake science to try and cancel meat. (You know how much farmland that guy owns?)

58:00 Rogan RantTM on Bill Gates - fuck yeah!

1:00:00 We love cows, and the hippies are getting duped.

1:05:15 Is regenerative agriculture scalable?

1:13:21 Everything wrong with the Impossible Burger

1:17:10 Why seed oils are bad for you.

1:28:00 Greenhouse gases from cows vs fossil fuels.

1:33:38 How "ideal diets" cause malnutrition.

1:41:40 The ethics of killing bugs versus killing bison. Intelligent plants defending themselves. Massive pest genocides going on so we can grow corn.

1:47:35 Bugs good to eat? (Cricket farms are disgusting.)

2:02:00 No elite athletes are vegans.

2:05:27 Even more things wrong with the Impossible Burger. White Oak Pastures has lower carbon footprint than Impossible Burger.

2:10:45 Is pure grass fed beef really healthier?

2:13:43 Are global policies implemented because of "muh CO2" actually causing MORE carbon footprint, not less?

2:16:00 How much meat are Americans eating for real?

2:19:29 The carbon footprint of Diabetes. Also, is Diabetes going to bankrupt the country?!

2:24:48 Blacklisting the Sacred Cow by these woke companies because of "the environment" scam.

2:27:40 De-centralizing the food production system as a way to revitalize middle America and also scale our food production.

2:38:45 What is the motivation behind demonizing meat? (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

2:44:45 Environmentalists are really trying to starve our children, huh?

2:51:30 Story of trying to get Sacred Cow published.

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