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JRE 1785 - Earthquake (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1785

Earthquake is a standup comedian, actor and radio personality. He's the host of "Quakeshouse" on SiriusXM and Kevin Hart's Laugh Out Loud Network. Look for his Netflix comedy special, "Earthquake: Legendary," on February 28.

It's only a few second in when Earthquake's abundant charisma just smacks you in the face. Here is a guy you can listen to for hours on end. He's funny. He's charming. And he has one of those voices that makes you feel good.

It was honestly a bit difficult breaking down the timestamps for this episode. The conversation was just so fluid and flowed so naturally that it was difficult to pin down. I just recommend hitting play.

The majority of the interview is comedy shop talk. This includes a lot of behind the scenes on what Hollywood is like on the television side of things. The last half hour or so is mainly about development deals and trying to land a sitcom. It's an ugly, brutal business!

Earthquake sprinkles the conversation with plenty of gems. What a great outlook and attitude he has in approaching his craft.


8:30 Story of Earthquake starting his own comedy club because he couldn't get work at the main one. How he creates his act. His style.

17:54 Why Dave Chappelle is the GOAT.

21:08 How he started: military, chance open mic, owning a club 2 years later.

33:00 Comedy Club Culture.

36:35 Steve Harvey's infuence on early career.

44:00 The journey's where it's at.

46:30 How do you react to famous people who are little better than elementary comics? How to tighten up an act.

52:48 How to follow up a great act. How to stay sharp.

57:30 Don't eat before you go on stage. How Joe Rogan loses weight. Rogan's briain vs. Earthquake's brain (hilarious!).

1:02:00 How Dave Chappelle goes so hard. Chappelle's upcoming comedy club.

1:06:00 Some details about Rogan's upcoming comedy club.

1:07:30 Rogan's early career with his first sitcoms and getting Fear Factor.

1:12:45 The key to getting a job in this business.

1:14:50 What it's like to work with actors.

1:21:19 News Radio (aka the best sitcom of the 90s).

1:24:50 Earthquake's 5-year mindset.

1:26:36 How a comedian should expand into television.

1:30:45 The comedian "make it" bag: book deals, tv shows, etc. What Earthquake wants! (What he deserves!)

1:44:45 Withstanding the rejection of hollywood.

1:49:15 Shucky Ducky Quack Quack.

1:59:00 The black Archie Bunker.

2:02:00 Satellite radio vs. the internet.

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