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JRE 1786 - Freddie Gibbs & Brian Moses (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1786

Freddie Gibbs is a rapper, founder of the ESGN music label, and 2020 Grammy Award Nominee. Brian Moses is a comedian, writer, creator, producer and host of Roast Battle.

It's fairly certain this one was recorded under some influence.

The watchword of this episode is "misinformation." It is very apt because these three guys are really just shooting the shit. In other words, there's not any use in trying to fact check any of it. This is what dudes do when they get together for a hang, you know? They just up and talk shit for three hours. Just let them have their fun, ok!

And are they all over the place! They'll get into something wild and then Freddie will drop just the perfect punchline and send everyone into fits of laughter.

But by far the deepest conversation is in the last half of the second hour when they start a philosophical discussion on how The Rock could be the next Elon Musk. Give it a listen.


3:41 Fuck Neil Young. Musicians get paid shit on Spotify. It's rough in the music game.

8:00 Rogan reparations. Ye's new awesome stem mixer thingy. Talking about remixes somehow morphs into talking about famous pedophiles?!

17:40 Rogan RantTM on pulling self up by bootstraps. How to really Make America Great Again.

24:00 Rogan's take on Russia/Ukraine. War.

28:45 Getting the tin foil hat on….UFOs baby! Europeans came to the new land and murked everyone with their cootees.

35:30 Ukraine is hard…but lying…They're also afraid of Steven Seagal. Let's watch some Seagal Aikido vids. Here are some other cool movie star martial artists - Rogan throwing them love! Michael Jai White ftw!!

45:30 Need to get in some love for Jamie Foxx.

52:15 We did it! We ended racism!

53:40 Hotep Jesus been told Joe Rogan about ancient sea travel.

59:43 Isaac Newton didn't have sex. Is that why he was a genius?

1:06:20 I have no idea where this is going or how it got here. This is literally a random timestamp. Lol, hockey, I guess? Barry Bonds needs to be in the Hall of Fame. Where did steroids come from (Russia, of course)

1:13:04 Why we're having this war? People like to control people. Canada freezing assets. How power corrupts. More war talk.

1:21:00 Dr. Strangelove was a documentary. Thank God we haven't nuked anyone since 1945. Suitcase nukes. Nazis in NASA. Nazi dueling scars.

1:33:00 Drugs. "Coming off heroine is just basically like having the flu…" bro stop it😂

1:51:00 The art of podcasting!

1:57:00 "Let's watch some Al Jolson!" lol… okay Joe! Kyle Dunnigan playing Nancy Pelosi!? Hilarrrious!

2:11:35 "The second they turned on, you stopped seeing the stars. That's the mindfuck."

2:15:10 Why are kids afraid of the dark? Because we used to get eaten by cats. That has something to do with the state of the world today.

2:18:30 Watch Freddie's new show on Peacock. He also has a vampire cop movie coming out. By the way, LAPD is having some problems. Here's a white cop suplexing a white dude. Let's talk about Roast Battle.

2:27:30 Be poor, or let people pay to watch you jack off? OnlyFans content creators wildin' out here.

2:35:49 How The Rock could be the new Elon Musk.

2:42:30 Tesla is working on humanoid robots (versus what we REALLY want in a robot)

2:51:20 People have too much power. Shaq is very tall and that's not fair.

3:00:00 What inbreeding looks like. (That could've been us!) The best absolute Big Foot movie on the planet. Facts about sasquatch.

3:13:30 How Oculus and the metaverse will change our world. The future of communication.

3:26:30 How can you hate anyone in this day and age? Communication is very important today and the danger is in stopping it.

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