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JRE 1791 - Sadhguru (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1791

Sadhguru is a yogi, mystic and visionary. Named one of India's 50 most influential people, and recipient of 3 presidential awards, Sadhguru has touched the lives of millions worldwide through his transformational programs. He is also an internationally renowned speaker and author of the New York Times bestsellers "Inner Engineering" and Karma," Sadhguru has been an influential voice at major global forums like the United Nations and the World Economic Forum (pause), addressing issues as diverse as socioeconomic development, leadership, and spirituality. Additionally, he established Isha Foundation, a non-profit, volunteer-run organization supported by over 16 million volunteers worldwide, and has initiated several projects for social revitalization, education, and the environment.

The first half-hour of the interview is about the soil of the earth and its importance. Because he believes we are all connected back to the soil from which we came and that we can only be as healthy as the soil of the Earth, he works in the agricultural field to revitalize topsoil.

From there this notion of soil, Sadhguru expands on his thoughts and tools for elevating consciousness. What can people do to achieve a joyous state of mind?

Yoga gets the lion's share of the second half of the interview. Sadhguru tells us how real Yoga is practiced and its origins.

The last hour? Extraterrestrial beings.


4:00 Only 45 years of topsoil left in America. Why do farmers have the highest suicide rate? Because of the soil, you would have to eat a ton of oranges today to get the same mineral content as a single orange years ago. Just wild things happening with our soil!

11:30 Why monoculture (growing a lot of one crop) is a bad thing, and how it damages the soil.

18:00 Weak soil = weak life. The food choices in America are atrocious.

24:00 You have heard of COVID-19? Well, there is a mental illness pandemic. Where is it coming from?

28:00 Sadhguru and Joe disagree and spar over the intentions behind greed.

36:00 We are in heaven and making a mess out of it. What is the most fundamental problem people have?

43:20 What path does someone take to elevate their consciousness?

49:50 Simplest thing a person can do to start to turn their life around.

55:00 When you react, you become somebody's slave.

58:00 Sadhguru's origin story.

1:12:00 How does Yoga work?

1:26:00 What is the origin of Yoga? (Serious perspective check.)

1:33:00 Like Kanye, Sadhguru doesn't read. "My clarity has never failed me."

1:39:55 Yoga in the prison system. Can Yoga reform people?

1:50:00 Dude built a 120-foot metal statue of the first Yogi. Story of the first Yogi and his disciples.

2:04:30 UFOs…Sadhguru has had encounters with extraterrestrial life…But is coy about it.

2:12:00 Doing "experiments" on extraterrestrial life.

2:32:00 Extrasensational healing? Everything is within the aspect of Nature. "State of Mind" versus "State of Being."

2:43:00 The perception of life is beyond intellect, but also, our perception is limited to the physical.

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