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JRE 1792 - Daryl Davis & Bill Ottman (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1792

Daryl Davis is a musician, activist, and author of Klan-Destine Relationships: A Black Man's Odyssey in the Ku Klux Klan. Bill Ottman is an internet entrepreneur, free speech activist, and CEO of Minds. Minds is a blockchain-based social network. Davis and Ottman have launched #ChangeMinds: a new deradicalization initiative based upon the idea that de-platforming actually intensifies extremism.

This episode mixes technology with practical philosophy. So, you have the CEO of Minds.com making his case against censorship. Then you have Daryl, who is massively successful in changing minds. That is, he replaces bad ideas with good ideas.

So this really is the mash-up the tech space needs!

First, there is an interesting discussion about tech.

It is the last hour of this episode that holds all the gems. Daryl Davis goes step-by-step on how to change minds. In other words, this is exactly how he has changed hundreds of white supremacists' minds. Where we would be if everyone practiced this in their conversation?


3:20 Daryl has converted over 200 KKK members to normal people.

6:50 Deplatforming causes more intense radicalization. Maybe Big Tech is intentionally causing this, then?

10:15 You cannot change somebody's mind if you deny them a platform.

18:50 How Minds.com, would handle a Neo-Nazi account.

22:20 Did Twitter ramp up censorship after Jack left? 🤔

27:35 Google and Facebook's dark growth hacking. 😱

33:50 How Rogan uses his social media. (Probably won't be retweeting us any time soon 😞)

35:13 Alternative smartphones to maximize privacy and hide from the NSA. (Kill switches!?)

55:00 Health information is being shadow-banned from certain platforms. (Looking at you, Instagram! 😡)

1:02:15 An alternative idea to fact-checking.

1:04:05 Joe Rogan is a victim of Minds.com identity theft.

1:11:30 What Daryl Davis does to change people's minds. (Just don't ever take him to see a magic show.)

1:42:00 Where technology is going and how it should affect ideologies.

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