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JRE 1811 - Brendan Schaub (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1811

Brendan Schaub is a stand-up comedian, former professional mixed martial artist, entrepreneur, and host or co-host of several podcasts, among them "The Schaub Show," "King and the Sting and the Wing," "Calabasas Fight Companion," and "The Fighter and the Kid." His new comedy special, "The Gringo Papi," premieres April 28 on YouTube.


5:45 People from Montana claim that place.

9:00 What moose are like.

12:00 Most recent Batman movie.

18:00 Amber Heard v Depp trial. Depp's friendship with Hunter S. Thompson.

25:00 Tibetan sky funeral. How smart are crows?

32:00 Sean Penn is a crazy dude… So is El Chopo.

38:30 Tourists getting caught up in cartel drama.

41:00 The future of stand-up in Austin, Texas - courtesy of Joe Rogan.

1:00:00 Being a guest on late-night television.

1:06:00 Confronting liars.

1:12:45 Bob Saget

1:19:00 Carrot Top. Prop comics. Dummy comics. Prom shows.

1:30:00 Corporations watering down comedy.

1:38:00 Helping each other out in comedy and martial arts. There's no comedy blueprint.

2:02:20 TI doing stand-up and bombing.

2:15:00 Tough mudder runs.

2:28:45 Can a flat ass be cured? Which celebrities heralded this era of fantastic ass.

2:34:00 It's a rough neighborhood in an Atlanta Nordstrom.

2:52:00 Tiger Woods.

3:02:00 How Rogan handles the pressure of being so huge.

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