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JRE 1813 - Tony Hinchcliffe (Podcast Summary)

Tony Hinchcliffe is a stand-up comedian, writer, and actor. He's also the co-host, along with Brian Redban, of the podcast and live YouTube show "Kill Tony."

Aside from being an accomplished comedian, this episode of JRE shows Tony Hinchcliffe is also a fantastic listener.

Whether it was from having a killer evening the night before the podcast - witnessing a return to stand-up from Roseanne Barr is bound to put anyone in a hyper mood! - or blasted from Mike Tyson's weed, Mr. Rogan does most of the talking. Tony and we are just happy to be along for the ride.

Around the two-hour mark, look out for Hinchcliffe claiming fighters are dumb compared to golfers. Super cringe. This is why we say "no" to drugs, people! Looked like Joe was about to jump across the table!


6:00 No substitute for putting in the work.

17:30 How COVID was jarring for comedians.

19:30 Some dude went and attacked Dave Chappelle. Is that Will Smith's fault?

24:00 Joe Biden is dividing America! His bulbs are fading out. He's losing it mentally.

30:30 Kayleigh McEnany was the GOAT press sec.

35:00 Border issues and illegal immigration.

48:00 How these drug cartels are getting their guns.

54:45 In China, the heroes beat up Americans. Secret Christmas movies mixed with guns and action.

1:01:00 Gotta be crazy to play crazy.

1:06:00 Amber Heard v Johnny Depp

1:11:45 Hot yoga workouts.

1:23:00 David Blaine is a wizard.

1:27:00 Comedy in the 1980s versus now. Getting past the VCR copy protection. ESP on CD walkmans…(if you know, you know).

1:34:45 Walt Disney was always smoking - but they photoshopped all the cigarettes out of his hand in pictures.

1:41:00 Working out at boxing gyms.

1:49:00 Lasik eye surgery side effects.

1:55:00 Tony pisses off Rogan by saying golf is harder than MMA. Then says fighters are dumb!? Loooolllllll

2:13:00 Car talk.

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