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JRE 1975 - Antonio Garcia Martinez (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 1975

Antonio Garcia Martinez is a tech entrepreneur, writer, former Facebook product manager, and author of "Chaos Monkeys: Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley."

Antonio Garcia Martinez is a child of Big Tech. He has worked for many companies, most notably Facebook. There, he led the charge in targeted marketing. (So we have him to thank for all those lovely, spot-on ads!)

The first half of the interview is actually about Ukraine! Antonio just up and decided to travel there and see things for himself.

All the cool tech stuff is in the second half of the interview, and as always we got you with the timestamps!

Sprinkled throughout the episode are conversations about social tensions arising from ideological adherence. You know, just the things that have been very common in JRE for a while now.


14:04 This look.

16:40 What is different between media in US and media in Ukraine? Are there any clear distortions?

27:00 The "new Right" is being anti-American. Putin's Russia is a pro-Christian LARP. (Makes some good points here.)

32:50 Ukraine's Nazi problem?

37:45 How the long history of Soviet conflict in generations past has shaped the mindset out there.

43:30 The West needs a good war.

49:20 There's a God-shaped hole in the middle of liberalism.🎯

54:25 How Silicon Valley is saturated with "religion."

57:00 Hustle porn.

58:40 Did Joe Rogan know his podcast would be so huge?

1:12:15 Is Jeff Bezos on steroids? (Rogan's favorite billionaires.)

1:16:40 Who would win in a fight: Elon or Putin?

1:25:00 Can we keep a nation-state in the internet age?

1:37:15 Are our phones listening to our conversations?

1:51:25 How Antonio got in trouble with Apple.

1:59:00 What's it like working at these tech companies with all these crazy woke activist people?

2:06:58 They're called "women", Joe.

2:08:45 The future of on-phone privacy. Child exploitation = instant murderous rage. (Justified)

2:18:25 Data privacy vs. NSA.

2:25:30 Privacy as a commodity.

2:27:45 Facebook has more users than Christianity.

2:34:15 Distribution of wealth in these giant tech companies.

2:40:00 Rogan is surprised by Twitter spaces. He wants to know why Twitter isn't displaced yet.

2:42:50 What is Web3? (May enrage Crypto bros)

2:46:45 "Jack was a very pro-free speech, pro-1st amendment sort of a guy." - Joe Rogan

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