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JRE MMA Show 122 - Jake Shields (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - MMA Show 122

Jake Shields is a veteran mixed martial artist and grappler who competed for multiple organizations, among them the UFC, PFL, and Strikeforce.


13:50 Brutal low blows in early MMA.

17:00 Jake's veganism.

25:30 Welcome to Twitter, Jake Shields! San Francisco handled COVID worse than anyone. Wealth redistribution over COVID.

31:00 Fixing a broken nose with a ballpoint.

34:00 Boxing gym culture vs Muay Thai

51:00 The memorable fights of Shields' career.

58:00 Difference between gi and no gi.

1:04:00 Our necks, our backs…

1:11:45 Just how much of a bootlicker is Stephen Colbert?

1:21:00 Some guys like being women bossing them around. Talking about the slap again. Why Rogan won't have Will Smith on his podcast.

1:25:00 The post-Trump world with the liberal craziness and Antifa.

1:32:30 Cain Valesquez did nothing wrong.

1:42:00 Andrew Jackson had over 100 duels. What a badass.

1:50:00 Imagining the metaverse.

2:02:00 How San Francisco got destroyed. Fentanyl ain't no joke.

2:32:00 Nick Diaz returning to fighting. Classic fights from the beginning of the UFC.

2:48:00 How much training can you get in?

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