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JRE MMA Show 125 - Aljamain Sterling (Podcast Summary)

The Joe Rogan Experience - MMA Show 125

Joe is joined by Aljamain Sterling, UFC Bantamweight Champion and host of the "Weekly Scraps" podcast.


0:27 13 months of people talking smack about Aljo on his victory

40:20 Sour Grapes and stupid expensive wine

46:50 Being interviewed by Henry Cejudo and the King of Cringe

56:43 How do fighters know when it's their time

1:01:49 How the hell does Aljo make 145 and weight cutting

1:07:45 Judging, unpopular opinions and how to improve it

1:29:10 The real pioneers of MMA and the evolution of the sport

1:56:40 The Aljamain Sterling podcast "The Weekly Scraps"

2:07:32 Rare submissions, bad positions, and poetic justice

2:20:40 Renegotiating contracts as a champion and transitioning fighters to other opportunities

2:48:20 Balancing responsibilities as a champion

2:57:07 How much longer does Aljo want to compete?

3:17:00 Bonuses are bad because judges suck at their job

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