Lessons About Women Pt. 2

Lessons About Women Pt. 2

I'm back with more lessons about women.

In my journey to become a super player I began to see many commonalities between the different women here in America on a psychological level.

This post is a part two. We will continue to analyze these uncomfortable truths I have learned about women in my mission to become the best version of myself.

Sadness of Empowerment

Women are on anti-depressants at twice the percentage at every age grouping especially if they are white and educated
Women are Depressed1

Female hypergamy is crucial to the survival of the human race—women have to date-up to continually improve the genepool.

If the average wage is 50k, and a woman makes 50k, all of the men earning less are beneath her. A side effect of this, is that her job/employer becomes her source of security instead of a mate. This makes it increasingly easier for her to put her career first on top of society pushing that narrative anyway. Turning men into “useless meat bags with penis”.

This whole narrative comes crashing down eventually:

As I have turned the corner of 30, the girls that I have grown up with, that are still single, are having an emotional crisis. I'm not talking about "the biological clock", I mean full blown, coming from deep in the soul, emotional crisis.

Women are on anti-depressants at twice the percentage at every age grouping
Women are Depressed2

Specifically I was living with my ex as she had this moment. 6-figure per year earner, owned horses, custom scheduling, loved her job. Everything that on the meritocracy for men, are wins. Yet she found herself questioning how she could have accomplished so much, and been so unsatisfied with the fruits of her labor.

I knew why. Women are creatures of emotion and feelings. On some level, those are nothing more than your biological instincts. The feminine role is to make sure the species survives.

This was her biological driving crying out: No kids to nurture and love.

Women are Tyrannical

But not in the way you are thinking about it.

Women in the US have been taught that men are oppressive because we have all the money and opportunities. And this power entitles men to servitude.

Bad patriarchy.

Now, this is something you can apply to people in general as well: when you give a powerless person power they will be a dickhead.


As the powerless they are more than willing to accept a subservient/submissive role. Now this reality is not because of a lack of power, but not having done the self-reflections and internal work to be powerful. Without power, they find themselves having to rely on the powerful to some extent.

Scary Screaming Medusa Face
Tyranical Women

When given power, they expect people to act in the way they would behave--submissive--an internal refection.

And it is extremely frustrating for them when you don’t acquiesce to a submissive role, and thus the emergence of the dickhead to bend you to their will. They don't understand why you won't be submissive, so they relate it to not flexing their authority hard enough.

Women are broke

9% of Americans make at least $100k. That number includes both men and women, homosexual and heterosexual, and both available and in relationships. This tells us that a small segment of that 9% will meet the requirements of being: female, single, and liking men.

We can safely conclude that most of the women that you will meet will be south of that $100k/year income.

Now, let's look at some probable expenses.

  • $2,200 rent
  • $150 phone bill
  • $400 car payment
  • $100 car insurance
  • $100 utilities
  • $50 internet
  • $150 car gas
  • $200 groceries
  • $100 student loans

That is a total of $3,450/month in expenses just fulfilling the normal living necessities. If she makes $60k per year, her post tax income is about $4,200/month.

Drunk girl wipes out

She is left with $750/month after taking care of all of her necessary bills and taxes. We still haven’t factored in lady care products, doctor visits, amazon, beauty products, etc.

These girls are as broke as a joke.

And this is for a state with no state-income tax.

Here's how broke they are (2019):

  • The average American wage per year is about $54k per year.
  • $34k per year wage is around the most frequent wage
  • For women, $47k per year is the wage closest to the middle of the data set

I will guarantee that credit cards, a simp, or a “generous benefactor” is propping up the lifestyle you see these girls flex on IG with their remaining $450. They are struggling.

Now why did I write this??

These last two posts are not about women at all.

It is a reminder to go get your balls back.

Captain America Catches Thors Hammer
Get your balls back

The only reason you are letting them get under your skin is because you want to sleep with them, and you are taking the rejection personally. It has nothing to do with the value either of you bring to the world.

At the end of the day women date men that are better than them—it is how the human race survives, women continually improving the gene pool through natural selection.

Step one is to realize you are, objectively through the meritocracy, probably better than her. And start carrying yourself like you are the better human. Because if you don't behave like you have value, you're dead in the water to begin with.

If you act like a pussy, don't be surprised if you get fucked.

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