Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather - The Greatest Legalized Bank Robbery?

Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather - The Greatest Legalized Bank Robbery?

Two titans met in the ring on Sunday for what ended up being such an uninteresting match. Yet the lead-up to the event generated an incredible amount of hype which was far more exciting than watching the two contenders hug it out during the main event.

As you can see, Logan Paul thinks he can beat Floyd Mayweather...

The more intriguing part of the entire event is that it may have been the most incredible legalized bank heist of the century.

As a now seasoned YouTube entertainer, Logan Paul put together a superior marketing campaign that captivated his audience with ease. The famous YouTube star allegedly marched into the ring claiming $18 Million while 'Money' Mayweather supposedly collected a $133 million check.

Quite impressive for a single payout. The whole ordeal certainly appears to be an enormous marketing play through YouTube, so we'll be breaking that down today.

It was clear that the event was motivated purely by money. Logan Paul is not a professional boxer whatsoever, yet he had the opportunity to fight one of the greatest boxing champions of all time.

The results of the match between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather.

Let's be real; Floyd Mayweather doesn't lose, period. It's just not a part of his branding. On the other hand, someone like Logan Paul only has everything to gain by fighting the superstar boxer. Those gains look like being able to claim that he survived all eight rounds with the champion, despite having the crowd boo them during the later rounds.

So how did they walk away with the combined 151 million dollars?, Mayweather said it himself "When it comes to legalized bank-robbing… I'm the best." From a marketing perspective, this may be the most genius play of the century. Logan Paul had been creating a lot of hype-generating content leading up to the fight.

Floyd Mayweather is a professional legal gangster.

Logan Paul Pokes The Beehive Nest

Logan Paul's specialty is creating entertaining content for younger audiences, so he used that skill to attempt to irritate Mayweather. It took some time, but it worked, so if you ever wanted to know how to provoke a world champion boxer, make fun of him as Logan does. Rumors were spread to push for public awareness. This is a crucial move when it comes to marketing of any kind and in any field, if there is drama involved, it's a bonus.

In this case, it was one of the greatest dramas the world has seen since Mayweather fought Conor McGregor. The idea itself is ludicrous that someone with no professional wins in boxing can take on Mayweather even in an exhibition match doesn't make sense when discussing skill.

The hype rises before the fight.

This isn't about skill though, that's for sure; in fact, it has nothing to do with skill level or boxing ability at all. It's all about entertainment (even though the fight itself would make you fall asleep) and making an insane amount of money in a short period.

In one of his YouTube videos, Logan Paul said that “YouTube stars going into boxing has been an incredible source of entertainment.”

Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather Rob The Bank

Logan Paul gets to say that he put up a fight with the world's greatest boxer. While it wasn't a thrilling fight, objectively, he is right. That's part of this whole play, adding more to his resume, not to mention the millions of dollars as well.

On Twitter, it was shown that both Floyd and Logan walked home from the ring with massive smiles on their faces. The smile of men who have just made an incredible amount of money after eight rounds of mediocre boxing.

So what does this mean for Floyd Mayweather, then? It's possible the champion engaged in this match to increase the awareness of his brand. His motive is to make as much money as possible to uphold the 'Money Mayweather' name.

At the age of 44 years old, it makes sense. Suppose Mayweather wants to increase brand awareness with a younger crowd; what better way to do it than with a young star like Logan Paul. The YouTube star connects to millions of youth around the globe by providing entertainment.

Essentially, both fighters had an immense amount of wealth to gain and brand awareness by meeting in the middle of the ring.

Logan Paul & Floyd Mayweather know how to spend big money.

It's rather depressing to think that the only group who lost in this scenario was the audience. Logan and Floyd swept hordes of money from the crowd as they paid to watch an extremely lackluster event.

Logan Paul's YouTube Growth

Let's face it; Logan Paul is a genius marketer once you deep-dive the journey it took him to get to the top.

Most people will look at his arrogant and crazy personality and call him dumb.

However, Logan Paul has taken advantage of what most YouTubers and marketers will NEVER do…

Take MASSIVE risks and accept MASSIVE failure.

Logan Paul went from a directionless 20-year-old dropout student to the most well-known 26-year-old social media influencer that fought the 50-time boxing world champion, Floyd Mayweather.

How the hell did he do it? Let's dive a bit deeper...

Since he started his career in 2015, Logan has used various social media platforms to springboard himself.

It all started in 2015 when Logan filmed and edited a video of himself saving a stranded cat on the highway that received 20 million views on the now-defunct Vine while collecting 9.4 million followers.

Once Vine shut down, he transitioned his efforts towards Facebook and Instagram, helping him attract sponsors while building a bigger audience.

Throughout most of Logan's earlier videos, he used his reckless personality to produce content that emotionally triggered his viewers.

On Social media (especially YouTube), you need to be authentic to create a reaction from your viewers. Your true personality is what helps build an audience of like-minded people.

Although Logan Paul is a dork, he knows his way around YouTube Marketing.

Most casual viewers are looking to relate to something while entertaining and sometimes educating themselves.

Logan is a naturally extroverted man that does crazy shit, says whatever is on his mind, participates in reckless activities, all while trying to become the most famous entertainer.

Throughout Logan's Journey, he always had a vision that guided him to the top of Social Media marketing.

His goal was to become "the biggest entertainer in the world." He tweeted, "Every morning and every night, I'd look myself in the mirror and repeat 10 times, "I will be the biggest entertainer in the world."

Logan Paul has big plans in the pipeline.

You MUST have a vision for your YouTube channel the same way Logan has one.

Without one, you will not know how to navigate yourself to the goals you strive to achieve.

"If you don't know where you are going, how can you expect to get there." - Basil S. Walsh.

Creating a vision for your business and channel is crucial as you climb your way to the top.

One way of doing this is by creating a value proposition, a unique value you plan to provide to viewers should they watch your channel.

Logan didn't start his YouTube channel until 2016. When he did, he quickly blew up while encountering quite a few rough bumps along the way…

Throughout his journey, Logan has been criticized, mocked, and canceled, but he found ways to recover from his failures and use his controversies as fuel towards building up his Maverick brand.

He was heavily criticized for filming himself in Japan's suicide forest, tasing rats, joking about eating detergent capsules, making homosexual jokes, and revealing too much information about himself and his business.

Miraculously, he found ways to recover from his mistakes through rebranding.

Instead of accepting failure, he started a new podcast channel on YouTube, trained to become a sprinter. Today, he and his brother Jake participate in boxing against well-known social media influencers and athletes while using it to market themselves.

Don't let failure break you down. Use it to energize yourself the same way Logan found ways to correct his dumb mistakes.

If Logan can correct his massive fuck ups, you can fix your comparably minute hiccups.

Easter Eggs

If you didn’t notice these two easter eggs, don’t worry because we will fill you in right now!

As Logan Paul walked into the fight, he was wearing a chain with a card that almost looked like an event tag. It wasn’t...

It was a Pokémon Card!

Why would Logan Paul wear a Pokemon card to the match?

Instead of collecting lambos, Logan Paul collects Pokemon cards.


Logan is always trying to find new ways to make money.

The Pokémon Card he wore was not the typical Sunkern you find in everyone’s collection…

He wore the first edition, gem mint 10-graded Charizard. This card is worth over $200,000 ($249,999 on eBay.)

Logan has not sold the card yet, but he probably will…

In one of Logan’s YouTube videos, Logan spent over $200,000 in Pokémon Cards and another $1,000,000 for a 1st Edition Pokémon Box.

Logan told the press that his Pokémon Cards are Appreciating assets, “They’re called appreciating assets,” Paul continued. “I’m done buying Lamborghinis. I’m done buying stuff that won’t make me money.”

Logan Paul plays a high stakes game with trading Pokemon cards.

Don’t be surprised if Logan sells the 10-graded Charizard for $1,000,000+!


What was the other easter egg?

Logan’s entrance music.

He played “From Now On” from the movie/musical, “The Greatest Showman.”

Do you remember Logan’s vision to become “the biggest entertainer in the world”?

If you watch “The Greatest Showman.” you will realize that everything Logan is doing is to become the real version of the movie.

This movie is commonly passed around in the entrepreneurship space because of its important lessons.

Logan never mentioned this to the press, but the song perfectly lines up with what he envisions with his brand.

We highly recommend you check out “The Greatest Showman” if you really want to learn what Logan is striving to become.

This will help you with your current business ventures…


Overall, this was never really a boxing match at heart but rather a carefully planned marketing campaign. As a viewer of the event it can be easy to get wrapped up in all the hype that surrounds the match. Of course, in the end the customers were the only group that lost by giving up their money and time for a lacking performance on both Mayweather's and Paul's part.

It's not to say that it doesn't take guts for both of them to step into the ring the way they did. Logan Paul fought the greatest champion of our time and Floyd Mayweather Fought a guy who was 40 pounds heavier than him which is no joke.

Studying the way they generated an enormous amount of money is certainly worth the time though. If you have a YouTube Channel/business and would love to learn more about how to set up marketing plays and strategies be sure to sign up to our email list for more offers and interesting tactics.

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