The Suite Life Of Magic And Gavin

The Suite Life Of Magic And Gavin

Gavin Newsom and other Democratic leaders were spotted maskless at the 49ers Rams game despite the state's Universal indoor mask mandate. Rules for thee, but not for me personified again by the hypocritical leftist leadership of California. Is this a slap in the face, yes is this classic elitism absolutely, but it is proof that the very ones creating mandates don't believe in their effectiveness of them.

Whether it is Gavin Newsom or AOC it's clear they're using covid as a power grab for our freedom this is not an attempt to save our lives. Since Sofi stadium is a privately owned venue that requires masks, and proof rules clearly were broken. Does this group get banned from attending the Super Bowl?

Did they, according to the CDC, put people's lives in danger? Last year the People's Republic of California literally had the chance to change their reality by ousting Gavin Newsom instead they overwhelmingly chose to remain at the status quo.

California Governor Gavin Newsom

The people have chosen to do what they were instructed indefinitely. But this photo has to make you wonder, even if you are a pro mask,pro-vaccine textbook lefty. The politicians who made the mask mandates have been photographed so often without masks that it cannot possibly be that they just simply forgot.

So you have to wonder if they actually believe in all the rules. This my friends are no accident it is an intentional power play. The politicians can control you even put you in jail but you can see that they are exempt from the very same rule book in real-time, so much for equal protection under the law. Has our society devolved into everything being a division of class warfare?

For almost three years society has dehumanized those who did not wear a mask or get the vaccine. It is surprising that this isn't even a news story anymore over and over again Dems have been caught breaking their own rules yet shrug it off and if you give us some half-hearted apology for their behavior it's accepted.

It has become increasingly obvious that these politicians know their voter base is brainwashed! So they can be just as hypocritical as they want with impunity. ironically it is the very same voter base that goes ballistic when they see others they believe are conservative maskless.

Joe Rogan

JoeRogan has been attacked for the last few months for all his stance on covid-19 and its treatment. I would love to see the same outrage for these politicians and elitists not wearing masks adhering to their own rules. Some would say trust the science but I would say trust what you see.

A person's actions are their truth not what comes out of their mouth or in their politics. What Gavin Newsom and Magic are displaying in real-time, is "real science" mask does very little to stop this virus.

Magic Johnson is a living example of having a compromised immune system because he has been diagnosed with HIV. This is further evidence that there is more than meets the eye to this pandemic or the science behind it. If a man with HIV is not wearing a mask and not concerned there is something for us all to ponder. Covid-19 has killed many and can be devastating. I know first hand but the issue is the use of covid to attack our freedom as well as our rights.

I cannot recall at any point in my life, where I have asked another human being if they were vaccinated for polio, smallpox, chickenpox, or measles. Nor have I witnessed someone asked to see proof that they were vaccinated to enter a place of business. The parameters of freedom changed right before your very eyes in less than three years and think some of us asked for this!

SoFi Stadium home of Super Bowl 56

The Super Bowl will be held in SoFi stadium, all fans will be given n95 masks which they will be required to wear. Judging this display unless a football fan is a politician's friend, family member, or famous that rule doesn't apply. I pray for the day when America Wakes up and sees what's right in front of our faces.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

ideology is not linear but it is actually secular. The further you go around in the circle the closer you get to your opposing viewpoint.

Whether it is Gavin Newsom or AOC it's clear they're using covid as a power grab for our freedom this is not an attempt to save our lives.

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