Male Birth Control: LBGTranshumanism

Male Birth Control: LBGTranshumanism

Male birth control is not what it looks like. It is only a matter of time before the ‘T’ in LBGT converts from Transgender to Transhumanism.

The man is slick.

We have child grooming going on in schools, hormonal therapy, and hormonal blockers. the game is set to normalize everybody becoming Decepticons.

The male birth control pill is a trap and you know it.

Women are biologically primed to mate selection. They can sniff out infertility, and in modern times, that is typically you not having that wolf in you, because you’re beating your meat.

I truly believe that anything making a man less viral will be sniffed out by women. And what men THINK will be raw dog sex with no consequence, will be the trojan horse of Transhumanism.

This post will be an exercise in approximative intelligence.


For most of us it will be deemed as "unattractive", but why?

As men, we move through reality. All of our decisions have rewards and consequences that we have to live with.

If this male birth control pill is honest, these are the two mindsets that will arise from those who demand it:

  1. The male birth control pill to the elite is rooted in a mentality of being selective—I have to make sure I don’t have a baby with one of these girls.
  2. The male birth control pill to the masses is rooted in intentionally being irresponsible—I can come wherever I want because I won’t have a baby.

Women pick up on these subtle communications. One conveys the attitude of a man with something of value to lose. The other is the attitude of a man with everything to gain.

Haves and have nots.

Women will know a majority of men don't have masculine-reproductive value. Being on the pill will be a subtle identifier of a low-value man. As a result, what many men will think is liberation, will be a serial number branding.


Women are waking up to the long-term damaging effects of the female birth control pill—infertility.

Which by approximation, makes sense on multiple fronts:

  • Her body has spent a long time thinking it’s pregnant for a decade-plus
  • The uterus has grown accustomed to having sperm inside it and not getting pregnant
  • Females have had synthetic hormones switch on-and-off biological buttons.

Of course, it’s not going to know how to behave when a girl decides she wants to intentionally get pregnant. You can’t have compounding half-lives of “don’t get pregnant”, over the long term and think it's going to end well.

But, somehow men will think this pill to be a slam dunk?

As women have fallen into the trap of feminism: fighting their biology. I foresee repercussions for men who will try to violate their biological imperative: men are built to reproduce, provide, and protect.

When the male birth control pill subverts that, I predict lethal psychological consequences. And men tend to follow through with conviction.


It’s almost like it was yesterday, the world governments talking about how mRNA vaccines control the protein creation of cells to stop a certain pandemic.

And this sounds an awful lot like the same thing.

Some circles will tell you that the therapeutic shot is gene therapy, the MSM will tell you it isn't. Re-writing the programming of a cell to produce different proteins, sounds like gene-editing at the least; I am inclined to believe someone is playing god.

Male castration tends to have side effects moving men away from their biological urges.

....Another step towards transhumanism.

Sterilizing sperm or sperm production will require an attack on male androgens. And while I don’t know for sure, this sounds a HELL of a lot like male hormone blockers that trans males undergo.

  1. We already know that people have volunteered themselves over the last few years to participate in the greatest medical experiment of all time.
  2. We also know that years of medical use and examination can lead to finding alternative and unexpected applications for different drugs

So it is highly likely that while on hormonal therapy, they found a close experimental cousin that could be 99% in rendering sperm ineffective…just saying

Shout out to Lia Thomas

Transhumanism is coming down the lane like Jordan in the 4th quarter.

Don’t fall for the okey-doke, no matter how appealing it looks.

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