Mass Hypnosis Part II - The Top 5 Warning Signs

Mass Hypnosis Part II - The Top 5 Warning Signs

Humans are hypnosis machines. We spend a very large portion of our lives walking around in a trance of our own making. My last article about Mass Hypnosis described this phenomenon, how it works, and the history and present day manifestations of it. Its masters are in full motion as we speak, so be on the lookout for these top 5 warning signs to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your freedom.

1. Fear

Fear is the most effective controller of the human mind. When people are scared and in intense fear, they will often give away their critical thinking factors to the “leaders.” Anything that offers security and safety in the face of fear will provide a welcome respite. Things like abusive relationships, tyrannical governments, and unethical sales techniques all rely on a state of fear to get their message across.

If you will take a look at the news, especially over the last year and a half, what is the order of the day? Daily death numbers, new case breakouts, super-spreader events, terror threats, and crises of all sorts and colors capture the headlines of nearly every news story coming your way. This keeps the population in a perpetual state of fear, opening their minds to mass hypnosis and taking away their critical thinking skills. Don't let it happen to you. - The coolest pics on the net!

2. Propoganda

A uniformity of message should immediately throw up red flags. Life and nature are seldom uniform. Science, itself, is a debate among differing opinions, data, and experiments. When you have 99% of the ruling class parroting a certain paradigm, you can rest assured mass hypnosis through propaganda is afoot.

Repetition is one the most powerful elements of hypnosis. If a lie is repeated often and long enough, it eventually becomes accepted as the truth. For this technique to be most effective, it is often paired with the destructive force of...

3. Censorhip

To protect the propaganda message, all other perspectives and messages must be silenced and destroyed. You can't have prominent and intelligent professionals or people of high influence in opposition to the agreed upon hypnotic agenda. This creates glitches in the matrix, and you run the risk of pockets of the population waking up and asking serious but problematic questions.

We've seen this approach kick into overdrive the last few years. It really started when Alex Jones was banned from all of the major platforms all at once. Many people cheered this censorship, since they didn't agree with this man or his message. But others who have studied history and paid attention, saw what was coming. Since then, hundreds of thousands of dissenting voices have been banned from these tech giant media platforms, including the President of the United States!

Let that one sink in.

4. Loss of Logic

When someone is presented with new information and facts that dispute their firmly held belief, and they refuse to alter their perspective, they are under hypnotic trance. Now, sometimes deep faith can be beneficial to a human. In a religious context that makes a person stronger, kinder, or more loving, or in a way that promotes incredible belief in one's self, loss of logic may actually help.

But most of the time, it's a sign that someone has given away their power and thinking to someone else. This makes them incredibly vulnerable to mass hypnosis. Some of the things that really jump out at me concerning this are the ways and situations that we are asked to wear a mask, the types of protests that were and were not allowed during a "pandemic,” and the pushing of certain medical procedures that fly in the face of the available data.

This can be a very dangerous step to take indeed.

5. Following the Masses

As Socrates poignantly said, “If you want to be wrong, then follow the masses.” Human movements toward one idea can be powerful and sweep many into its energy. When you feel this happening around you, beware. This really taps into the tribal nature of human beings, and can be an incredibly influential force.

When you feel this happening, or see its progression around you, take a moment and relax. Use your critical thinking skills, develop your personal power, and raise your energetic vibrations. Is this something that is truly right for you? Or is this a mass hypnosis occurrence that you are being swept up in? If you find yourself angry, judging, and lashing out at people who make a different choice or have a different perspective than you, then you may be hypnotized.

The Answer

The only way to really keep yourself free from the chains of mass hypnosis, is to arrive at a deep understanding of your own mind. These 5 warning signs will alert you to impending trouble, but there is so much more. If you want to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your freedom, then start studying today.

My self-hypnosis course Life in Purpose will teach all you need to know to develop your own hypnotic powers, while keeping the dark forces of influence at bay. There's never been a more important time to understand and develop these skills. GET STARTED NOW!

Andy Eversole, C.H.

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