Money = Power = Time

Money = Power = Time

We’ve all heard that "money is power." Another popular one is, "time is money". But what does the depth of these statements really mean?

Time is the only finite resource an individual has.

Most people exchange their time for money. By the transitive property, we arrive at the conclusion that time is power. Think about it... a person with the most money is a powerful person. Not in terms of purchasing power, but in the amount of dollars people traded their finite resource for - dollars/time they wont get back.

Money equals power because the more money you have, the more you have of what people gave their time for. Power is literally amassing people's finite life force.

So when purchasing, the best exchange for your time is other peoples time: Online courses, books, mentors, etc. Exchange your time for the information others spent time collecting. What type of time are you getting in return?

Money for Their Pain and Suffering

Becoming elite at something is a massive exchange of time. When you buy a service, you are purchasing all of the time that went into gathering the information they cultivated to create the service. Think about it, maybe this provider was a Harvard grad: What studying was done BEFORE Harvard? What did they have to do to get into class XYZ, and network with person ABC?

Are you capable of doing what was necessary? Can you get access to the source material?

Time, Money, Power

You are literally paying them for their pain and suffering to create the service you are buying.

Cultivating Reykli was a process that took 5-years. 4-years in college and 1-year as a professional athlete. Within that 5 years, countless meters were swam, multiple injuries were incurred, auto-immune disorders relapsed, hours of film were watched, and tutelage was had. After that another 5-years ironing it out into a service. Then another 2-years smoothing out the details.

Most coaches will not have access to the source material, or are unwilling to pay the 12-year cost before they experience success. Why go through that time, when you can pay for all of that experience and knowledge immediately.

Opportunity Cost

Cost of Time

Building up Reykli is an amalgamation of well….a lot.

My time at UT, and swimming professionally, consisted of learning from:

  • UT
    • Learning/training with Olympic Gold medalists in all 4 strokes.
    • World Record holders in 3/4 strokes
    • American Record holders in all strokes
    • 7-Olympic Champions
    • Coach who was the architect behind it all
  • SwimMAC
    • Coach of the WR holder the remaining 1/4 stroke
    • Auburn University sprinters—UT’s weakness

All of that occurred over 5-years. Currently no collection of knowledge or athletes of that caliber in one singular location. For someone to obtain a similar level of knowledge today, one would have to travel all over the world--that's a lot of money. Additionally 5-years apiece per stroke. That is 20-years of time they would have to spend to recreate knowledge.

Paying for a service is to pay to save your own time, and get the information faster.

Money Buys Time

Converting Money Into More Time

The obvious part of the purchase is it's an investment with an exponential return that begins immediately. At worse case scenario, if you paid a monthly $100 fee, and earned $500 per month from that investment, would you do it?

Of course!

You are paying up front for the results that their knowledge will bring not just one time, but multiple times. The coaching, knowledge, landmine avoidance, foresight and direction, etc. Helps generate an instant continual massive return on investment.

Time should generate more time. Wether in the form of avoiding time wasting, streamlining the use of your own time, or accessing someones time spent accumulating skills. Interchanging time, money, and power philosophically will help you navigate the world more clearly, grow your power, make more money, and create more time.

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