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Money Twitter: A Pit of Noobs Posing as Experts

When I look at "Money Twitter" I mostly see a bunch of novice kids posing as experts. With that said, "Money Twitter" is probably one of the best places for men to occupy. Cashflow is king! And "Money Twitter" knows how to create cash flow. But that's exactly where their expertise stops.

These guys push eBooks and courses on various topics that show their students how to create cash flow. These things range from hustling items on eBay to dropshipping goods from China. This is fine, when they stick to a niche they understand. But sometimes you get a nefarious hustler.

There are two types of nefarious hustlers. One type knows they are peddling bad information or misinformation and another type does not know. I believe the type that does not know is the most dangerous. Because he is more passionate about pushing his ideology on others because he actually believes in the garbage he's peddling.

The other day I saw one of these guys peddling the idea that individuals should create a personal brand. Now, before I dive into why that's a bad idea let me lay down some groundwork.

No one needs to create a personal brand. We are ALL personal brands. Either you're selling products or services or you're selling your time to an employer. If you are unemployed and own a social media account then you are also a personal brand. The first time you entered kindergarten you became a personal brand.

A brand is something that has a reputation. And once you start Tweeting you begin to build an online reputation. Whether you like it or not.

Now, let's go back to that Twitter hustler pushing personal brands on hapless individuals. I tried to correct him and say that people should not build personal brands. They should create corporate brands. He questioned my thesis, as he should, so I provided evidence.

Here's what one of the largest personal brands online said about building a personal brand.

If I took all of the time I spent building a personal brand into building a corporate brand, I would have been worth a lot more money.

Neil Patel

I'm a large personal and I'm warning others to NOT follow my path. Neil Patel is warning others.

Now, this base-level personal-brand huckster returns the next day to push personal branding on others even after being presented with arguments from people who have stain in the game.

Why did Mr. Johnny-come-lately hops back on Jack's app the next day and continues to push his personal branding rhetoric? He has to! His cash flow depends on it. Poor guy!

I feel bad for him because some other hustler sold him the same dream. And now he's going to sucker others into it as well.

The moral of the tale is, to cross-examine the information you get online. You may end up like one of those guys who bought a dropshipping course expecting to make an extra six figures this year. Only to find out that he may have to spend another $5,000 - $10,000 before turning a single dollar in profit. Your dropshipping hustler won't tell you this because if he did then you probably would choose a different path for cash flow.

Anyway, let me hustle you my guide on how to "Dominate Twitter." Most of "Money Twitter" is using it right now or they are learning from another goo-roo who has.

Use it to find/build your tribe. Don't use it to build a personal brand. Use it to understand the psychology of marketing and branding. Then create a corporate brand and become a billionaire.

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