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Motivation is for Addicts

People who desire motivation stimulants are a special kind of addict

Motivation is a misunderstood concept.

Motivation is not a goal — it is a result!

Too many people try to create motivation via artificial means.

After watching Rocky IV, you are motivated to kick ass. Then, the next day, the conquerer's feeling is gone.

Synthetic motivation is fleeting.

The funniest thing I've ever seen women use to cope with life is an affirmation card deck. I believe these are mostly counter-productive creations for the vast majority of users (I call them users because their dependency is addict-like).

Why are these affirmation coping mechanisms counter-productive? They are very much like Joe Biden's crack-pipe program for addicts. Instead of removing the cause of addiction, they support the addiction.

Why do people need motivation and affirmations daily?

Because they are out of alignment with their life purpose.

Do you think I need motivation? HELL NO!

Why? Because I know my purpose.

When you know your purpose you are always motivated.

Bryan Sharpe

You don't need affirmation cards or motivational speeches or quotes when you know your purpose.

These things are coping mechanisms for people out of alignment. These synthetic coping mechanisms are for people miserable with their life. They are designed for people working a job that doesn't feed their souls. And so, the motivation reminders help them cope.

The sweet spot is when your career aligns with your life path (purpose). When this happens, happiness and motivation are abundant. Your work feeds your soul.

Why are so many people out of alignment?

Grade school is designed to distract you from your life purpose in order to feed someone else's life purpose.

Each individual human has a natural proclivity. One may find math comes easy to them and another may find that it is the arts that comes naturally. We, as a society, have the ability to identify this in children at an early age but we choose not to.

We make math minds sit in art classes and art minds sit in math classes — for tens of thousands of hours! They should be specializing at an early age (unless you want to build a CCP clone state).

So, if you're wondering why you don't know your life purpose you now have that answer. The question then becomes, has your inner child been so suppressed that you no longer can identify your natural proclivity?

And what are you going to do about rediscovering it?

Anyway, when you're ready to turn your life path into cash, get my marketing blueprint.

Thank me when you're sitting underneath a warm sun, with your feet nestled in the sand at your favorite beach, sipping cold margaritas on the rocks, while you're barely working from your phone.

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