NFL Agents Threaten to Boycott Covid-19 Bubble; NFL Pulls Back

NFL Agents Threaten to Boycott Covid-19 Bubble; NFL Pulls Back

The NFL designed a 'Covid-19 Bubble' for the draft combine set to begin on March 1, 2022 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Yes, it's 2022 & we're STILL talking about Covid-19 'bubbles' in sports. Didn't everybody get their medicine?!

NFL Memo

The NFL's memo stated that the draft prospects attending the combine would not be able to interact with their personal trainers, doctors, nutritionists or agents while in Indianapolis for the combine.

Players will be restricted to secure Combine venues during their entire time in Indianapolis for their protection. Players who violated this policy at any time will be disqualified from further participation and sent home.

NFL Memo on the Draft Combine

Here's the Issue

From March 1 to March 7, these draft prospects are put to work. They're weighed, measured, tested on various skills by participating in drills, interviewed & more. The idea is to represent yourself the best you can.

These restrictions clearly hinder a player's ability to perform to the best of their ability throughout the week of the combine.


This is an overreach by the NFL. Unlike the stupid Covid/Jab rules, the NFLPA actually agrees this time.

The NFLPA didn't take a stand when the NFL implemented its discriminatory Covid/Jab rules in the beginning of the season, which I covered in the article above. However, this time they are on the side of the players, as they issued a memo supporting the idea of players skipping the combine.

NFL Agents Fight Back

NFL Agents threatened to have their players boycott the combine if these rules weren't retracted. These agents represent about half of the 324 prospects who were invited to participate in the combine.

As part of the boycott, they planned on holding their players from all of the drills & interviews. The prospects would show up, do their medical evaluations, and leave.


NFL agents are fighting back because they are the ones who provide doctors, personal trainers and nutritionists to their players, at their own expense. The motive is to have their players in the best possible shape & condition to perform at the combine.

NFL's Covid-19 Bubble Bursted

As I stated in my article, Party Like Its 1987? Not With This NFLPA, solidarity & camaraderie are the cure for the NFL's overreach. This proves it.

With about half of the NFL's Draft Combine prospects threatening to boycott the event, the NFL immediately folded. In just 2 days, the Covid-19 Draft Combine bubble came & went.

See what happens when people come together to fight for what's right?

You just learned a valuable lesson that goes far beyond the sports world.

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