Past Lives: Are They Real?

Past Lives: Are They Real?

That Feeling...

How many times, throughout your life, have you had that feeling; that mysterious, wise, exciting feeling that you have lived before? Perhaps it was a potent case of Dejavu, or when you were extremely familiar with a place or person with whom you have never been acquainted. These fairly common occurrences often serve as a spiritual beacon for us.

They are a powerful reminder that there is much more to life than we generally perceive. There are layers and dimensions of our existence that we tend to forget about as we walk through a mundane day. But when this feeling strikes us like a lightning bolt from the blue, we are instantly brought back to the magic, the mystery, the wonder, of what we call life.


Exploring Past Lives is not a newfangled concept. It is not a made up tenant of some new age philosophy. It is an idea that has been around as long as human consciousness. Certain spiritual disciplines, Buddhism for example, hold Reincarnation as a foundational belief. It’s true, no one really knows what happens when we die. However, a growing body of scientific evidence, combined with thousands of years of knowledge from highly evolved spiritual masters, has led to an awareness of a phenomenon that is impossible to ignore.

“Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.”

Mahatma Gandhi


One tool for exploring one’s previous incarnations, which has been proven to be highly effective, is the use of hypnosis. In his book, “Many Lives, Many Masters”, prominent psychiatrist Brian L. Weiss, makes a very strong case for the validity of past life hypnotic regression as a highly effective form of therapy. This book is a case history of one particular patient, Catherine, who not only displayed incredible results in getting over her reporting issues, but also uncovered deep knowledge of how our lives are lived out over and over again.

Dr. Weiss would lead Catherine into a deep hypnotic trance, where she would then explore different past lives she had encountered. With incredible detail and precision, Catherine would relate these experiences from different times in the past. Each one seemed to be a different life she had lived, feeling all of the physical pains, pleasures, and emotions she had felt in that time.

Catherine showed incredible improvement as she let go of fears and anxieties she had held onto for years. Each life, each lessoned learned, brought her glowing self back to life.

The Space Between

As their therapeutic sessions continued, however, another intriguing thread began to emerge. As Catherine would die in each lifetime, she would then float away into a spiritual realm or plane. Here she would relate messages from the “Masters” who would impart knowledge to her and the therapist. They were told of how we have certain lessons that we must learn in this lifetime. These lessons could be to free oneself of greed, lust, or learn forgiveness.

Until we have learned these lessons completely, with action and emotion, are we then able to evolve our soul to higher planes. As we go along, each time we choose our birth to put us in the best possible situation of learning our intended lesson, or repaying a debt that we may owe to someone. Each time, hopefully, getting closer and closer to pure enlightenment.

"Our task is to learn, to become God-like through knowledge we approach God, and then we can rest."

~ excerpt from Many Lives, Many Masters

Finding Meaning

Ultimately, it seems, this translates to us having absolutely nothing to worry about. We are all on different journeys toward the same place, we just happen to be in different parts of the process. Our souls continue to exist, to learn, to grow, over many different lifetimes. We can just relax, smile, love, fight the tyranny, and enjoy the ride. Making good decisions and being aware of the lessons we came here to learn along the way. In many cases, holding this belief radically reduces the fear of dying. There is nothing to fear when it is such a natural and transitional phase of our existence. And we know the extreme power one can possess when they have no fear of death!

Wether you believe in past lives or not, really doesn’t matter. When in deep hypnosis, a person can recollect such vivid detail in their subconscious mind that it can lead to rapid positive change in attitude and health. That is what really matters when it comes to this phenomenon. For many people, it works. And for that alone, it holds tremendous value.

Real or Imagined?

As for past lives being real, and for the “Masters,” well, the verdict is still out. You’ll just have to see for yourself. But is Hypnotic Past Life Regression an amazingly effective tool for health and happiness?


If you would like to experience a Past Life Regression, book a virtual session with me and let's do some exploring...

Until then, enjoy the ride!

Andy Eversole, C.H.

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