Psychological Programming: Framing Reality

Psychological Programming: Framing Reality

“Have you ever wondered where your thoughts come from? We tend to think that most of our thoughts come from our innermost being, our supremely intelligent brain functions. The harsh truth is that most of them do not. A large percentage of our thoughts and emotions are planted inside our brain by someone else.”

Andy Eversole
Psychological Programming


Mind viruses are everywhere seeking to program you to the whims of someone who is not you. Protect your psychology at all costs.

As the information-communication age rages on, so do the prevalence of these mind viruses. Someone is trying to sell us something, convince us of how to be, or what to believe. From your first breath, someone or something has been programing you. The first wave, our parents and siblings installing those all important ethical boundaries. Next, extended family and your first best friend. Then teachers, coaches, media, and of course – the state. You probably noticed the massive amount of programming over the last 2-years. They are not even trying to hide it anymore.

  • Consumer vs producer
  • King vs pleb
  • Winner vs loser
  • Evil vs Good
  • Powerful vs powerless
  • Conqueror vs conquered
  • Positive vs negative
Half full
Half empty
Programming: Frame Your Reality

Every day you face a barrage of programming trying to convince you the cup of water is half empty.

The most efficient programming is straight out of the Nazi playbook – so I suppose that means straight out of the USA playbook – to get them while they are young. But that is a conversation for another time. Today we are going to talk about two tools you can use to troubleshoot your own programming.

Troubleshoot your Programming

In a conversation with my grandma, she was telling me about how she got a D.C. military general to come speak in the small town of Taylor, TX. When she reached out to one of his subordinates, his response was that he couldn’t get the general because “I don’t know him.” Her response back was “This is your chance to meet him.” Same stimuli, different response. Ultimately, troubleshooting your programming is a test of how you frame your reality.

When things happen, what response do you manifest and why?

I have found that two questions reveal your programming:

  1. Who is this for? Why/How?
  2. Does it help them? Why/How?

Hopefully you consider yourself as a righteous being who believes in individual autonomy. Answering these questions reveals how you are framing your reality. And if your subconscious execution is congruent to your aspirations, what you hope to accomplish, and meets your ethical code.

Troubleshoot Your Programming - RIP McAfee

1. Who is this for? Why/How?

Its alright to be selfish. As a man, we are taught to try to do what’s right for everyone, often at the expese of self. But, we must put our own happiness first because no one else will. This is supremely important because within our own happiness, is the happiness brought on by trying to do what’s right for everyone. Ultimately, by placing yourself first, and taking care of your own happiness, you will inevitably end up also taking care of happiness brought on my doing right by others.

When doing for others, explaining why is crucial. What feels like a selfless act may not actually be so. In a weird way, what we think may be for others, may be to satisfy a perverted personal need – performing good deeds expecting something in return, offering help to develop a dependency, etc. That type of help is not for them, it is for you, and is a lack of congruence in your execution.

2.Does it help them? Why/How?

When the curtains match the drapes, you have congruence in your programing. Finding a mismatch indicates that what you think you are doing and what you actually are doing, may be a creation installed by an outside source. Not neccissarily that you are doing the wrong thing, or that you are a bad person, but that what you think you are doing has been hardwired to manifest as something else. And that manifestation could be a wolf that talks like a duck, acts like a duck, and walks like a duck.

Kind of like believing that 2+ 2= 5. Which is easier to believe than you realize. 2 only has that value because we were taught that it is what it is. In a community or society where everyone confirms 2+ 2= 5 to be true, they would have no reason to believe the math is faulty. And when presented with the truth later in life, they might even fight to maintain that truth.
Program or be Programmed

Your programing matters

A lightning bolt lit up the room of his mother Olympias, striking deep into her womb, warming but not harming her. She understood what had hit her; as a religious woman, she revered the gods and goddesses of the Greek Pantheon, and she knew their signs. She had been impregnated by none other than the king of the gods and all the heavens, Zeus, who was known to signify his presence with lightning bolts. Clearly Zeus had chosen her to bring his child into the world.”

Alexander's mother Olympias

This child would go on to become Alexander the Great. Imagine how differently your life could be with better programing. Of course that child went on to do great things, imagine how much you would accomplish if you believed you were conceived by a god. And not just believed it, but confirmed it as fact for your whole life.

Alexander the Great

"What is making you think and act like that?"

"How do my intentions manefest?"

As you push yourself to verify how and why you got to these conclusions you will start to see what is programing you and how it is doing so not only to yourself but to others. You can also apply it to the decisions and actions of others. And as you do so, it is important to stay objective in your analysis. Don't take it personally and forgive yourself and others. It is ok to be wrong.

Program or be programmed.

And in case you think I am full of hot shit here's an interesting bit of programming:

The world we experience, what we interpret is in the past. As there is a delay between when something happens, and the time it takes the nervous system to send electrical signals from the senses to the brain.

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