Pull Focus - Cassius Cam’s WOD

Pull Focus - Cassius Cam’s WOD

Today's men's fitness routine, designed by Matt Synakowski of The B.O.D.Y Movement, focuses on a full-body pull workout.

This comprehensive workout is structured to bolster strength, posture, and overall functionality, offering a well-rounded approach to physical fitness.

Ideal for those looking to enhance muscle endurance and core stability, it incorporates a variety of exercises that target multiple muscle groups effectively.

As you progress through the routine, expect improvements in both upper and lower body strength, making it a perfect addition to any fitness regimen aiming for balanced development.

Equipment Needed

Full gym access is required to complete this workout.

Warm Up

Hop on a rowing machine for 10 minutes at a moderate pace to break a light sweat.

Rowing is an excellent way to activate your back muscles prior to a pull focus workout.

Follow it up with a 5 minute dynamic stretch, emphasizing shoulder mobility.


  • T bar row 3x 6-10
  • Chest supported lat pull 2x 6-10
  • Decline push up 3x failure
  • Leg extension + single leg curl super set 3x15
  • Tonic finisher = kettlebell half windmill


If kettlebell half windmills are too difficult to do safely, perform the movement without weight.


Increased back strength and aesthetic development.  Improved posture and mobility.
Adequately training your back can reduce your risk of shoulder injuries and muscle imbalances.

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