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Russia's War with Cancel-Culture

Russia may be winning the war against Ukraine but cancel-culture may prove to be a highly effective form of warfare.

If a Russian invasion is to be stopped it will not happen on the battlefield. I believe cancel-culture is the best weapon for the West and Ukraine.

We've already seen the de-platforming of Russia from the internet and we've even seen Russian cats get canceled. It wasn't until I saw chess players affected by this did I decide to give this some serious thought.

During the FIDE Grand Prix Chess Tournament, Russian players are not allowed to have the Russian flag displayed and the national anthem cannot be displayed. While soccer players are not allowed to compete in other nations, chess players are exempt from being canceled; only mildly censored.

Is nationality being phased out?

Divide & Conquer

It is easy to recall the divide & conquer war tactic and even easy to detect it but it is difficult to successfully execute. This is the tactic being employed by the west against Russia.

With the powerful influence of centralized media, celebrities, influencers, and grifters, a wave of sentiment can be artificially created. The new signal of virtue for the masses is support for Ukraine. Ukraine is the new Black Lives Matter for white progressives (and the minds under their control).

All historical context has been thrown out of the window. Kyiv, Ukraine is literally the genesis of Russia. The Azov Battalion is NAZI 2.0 and the west wants to send them funding for weapons. The US armed Al-Qaeda, as per Hillary Clinton, and that turned out to be a carefully designed disaster.

It seems as if the west likes to back (manufacture) revolutions, then the nation's government tries to stop the rebellion, and then the West invades under the guise of spreading democracy. Doesn't this look like Bush's Iraq campaign? Doesn't this look like Obama's Libya campaign?

Ukraine is following a similar path.

Black Lives Matter was the Experiment

Black Lives Matter swept the world off its feet. It is a well-funded global network that organized massive demonstrations in many western nations.

With BLM, cancel-culture was perfected. Any corporation or individual who did not support BLM was demonized. Centralized media made the MAGA hat a symbol of hate. An entire demographic was labeled as white supremacists. During the Trump era, cancel-culture was perfected. The west could now use this against an entire nation; Russia.

The problems of Black Americans were exploited to perfect psyop warfare. Progressive elites don't care about black lives. They merely used the emotional outrage to sharpen their greatest sword.

You can cripple a nation with mechanical warfare from the outside or you can conquer it from within. With a psyop, you topple governments with their greatest resource, human resources. And it's easy to fool a nation of sloths.

Mechanical warfare leads to POWs and animosity from the citizens. A psyop replaces POWs with loyal slaves. This tactic wins the minds of citizens. It is an almost seamless transition of power.

Russia Gets Canceled

With the cancelation of Russia, who's hurt most? Civilians! Pressure has reached Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company AG (Coca-Cola HBC) announced that they will continue their operations in Russia, a company spokesperson told TASS.

"All operational, production, and logistics facilities of Coca-Cola in Russia are working. We are fully responsible to partners, society, and thousands of our employees in Russia. Our top priority is the safety of our employees," the company said.

Ikea is halting operations in Russia, which will affect the lives of roughly 15,000 employees. The West wants to manufacture pressure from within the borders of Russia, by dooming innocent civilians with poverty. This eerily reminds me of the Holodomor.

The West intends on having these civilians push back against Putin to end the invasion. This is further proof that Putin is winning the mechanical war.

Remember: every war is a banker war.

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