Seduce Her!

Seduce Her!

Being able to talk to, seduce, and retain a woman is a core gateway skill. Without it we are unable as men to fulfill our biological needs as animals: to continue the human race.

But with my terrible game, I remember saying to myself: “If I ran into the love of my life, I need to be able to get her.”

And with who I was in 2013, I knew I would get completely blown out if it happened.

We are going over the first 3 books I read in my red pill journey, that will lay the foundation for your seduction skills.

The Game by Neil Strauss

“Penetrating the secret society of pick up artists”. Neil wrote this while operating under the moniker ‘Style’.

The Game Book Cover
Beginning of the Red Pill Space/Manosphere

This book is not a how to. It is ultimately a story of Style, other pick up artists, and the God Father of pick up ‘Mystery', and their adventures running around Los Angeles in the early 2000’s.

It’s an introduction to how the pick up community came about as we know it. It is extremely fair to say that everything that exists in the ‘Red Pill’ or ‘Manosphere’ Space began with Style and Mystery. This makes The Game the ultimate starting point.

You will find these guys to be extremely corny. But you will find the foundational elements of seduction here from terms, philosophies, examination of notes, and glossary of terms. Some of which I have used in my other dating posts: IOI (Indicator of Interest), Proximity Rule, Peacocking, and Shit Tests.

The significance of this book, and these guys, is that the tactics they used were extremely dorky. And it doesn’t take much to see how socially awkward these guys were via google search.

And yet here they were killing the game.

This book was proof that even with the correct skills, communication methods, and understanding of female psychology, magician hatted nerds with painted nails could get laid extremely often. It is possible.

Bang by Roosh V

Bang was written by Roosh V and published in the back half of the 2000’s. Roosh is a notable figure in the Pick up/Manosphere community for multiple reasons.

Bang by Roosh V Book Cover
Bang by Roosh V
  • He was definitely the unquestioned leader of the space during the 2000’s. The original sex Tourist authoring books like Bang, Bank Ukraine, and Don’t Bang Poland. Roosh chronicled the game like nothing else—truly the best time to learn pick up.
  • He also fathered Return of Kings dotcom, and the RooshV Forum which was the heart of the Manosphere from the mid 2000's to 2018. The RVF was an online community ahead of its time. You could find threads ranging from Game and Pick Up, International Travel, Exercise/Fitness, Crypto, Business, Mascuility, Fatherhood, etc. It was truly a great place for the lost boys Generation.
West Indian Archie, RooshV Forum
  • Meanwhile Return of Kings dropped Gems like "5 Half Truths Women Regularly Tell Their Significant Others", "24 Signs She's a Slut", and "Are Leftist Radicals Literally Mutants and Mattoid Freaks?"
  • He took the Jesus pill and exposed himself as a incongruent grifter. Throughout his interviews and mannerisms you could tell something was incongruent in his soul. This boiled over in 2018 when he seemingly found god, wiped his books and womanizing blog posts from the internet, and nuked the RVF. Roosh is now a chastity coach....Jesus fucking Christ....

Roosh’s book Bang provides the female psychological guidelines around seducing women. What to expect, why women interact to different things the way they do, and other explanations behind the psychological reasonings women do what they do during courtship.

While still not a “how to book”, Bang provided insight into the moves and timeline one could predict when pursuing a woman. And what moves need to be done to progress the timeline.

The Mystery Method by Mystery

This is your how to book.

The Mystery Method Book Cover
How To Seduce Women

The Mystery Method walks you through the phases of seduction from introducing yourself to a woman, to sex.

I have often spoke of the “survival of the species” and “Survival of the Organism” as the driving forces of humanity. And while you can see this discussed in the move Lucy with Scarlett Johannson, this book was the first place I saw it.

Talking about the contents of this book does not do it justice. When I say that everything you need is in here, everything is in here. The seduction errors that you don't know you are making, and the skills you don't know that you are supposed to be using- It is all here:

This book is essentially the gun without the bullets. You will know all the moves, how to progress the interaction forwards, and actual hold.

High Value Man

This is an annoying term these days. But the concept originates from the early days of pick up through a term called DHV: Demonstrate High Value. Which is purely a tactic where you covertly show/lead the woman to the conclusion that you are the man.

DHV: Origin of High Value Man in the Red Pill Community
DHV: Demonstrate High Value

The major barrier to you becoming an abusive dickhead with this material is congruence. You can fake it till you make it, but women are excellent bullshit detectors. Ultimately, the goal of any player is to become a man of value. And to become internally validated to the point of absolute congruency.

Two other popular terms in the Red Pill space are Alpha and Beta. These also have their roots in the early days of pickup.

Origin of Alpha and Beta in he Red Pill Community

I have mentioned elsewhere, but dealing with women is a failing upwards conquest. There is no amount of preparation and study that will make you into player supreme when it comes to dealing with women.

You are going to have to actively get out there and get crushed, learn from your mistakes, and internalize the game until it is second nature.

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