Simpin’ Ain’t Easy—My Takeaway From Hotep Jesus’ Interview With Coach Greg Adams

Simpin’ Ain’t Easy—My Takeaway From Hotep Jesus’ Interview With Coach Greg Adams

First Things First

As a married man of almost 25 years, I have my disagreements with a lot of the approaches and evaluations discussed in this interview. But those disagreements are only mild ones.

I also find the interview hilarious. And, based on how reckless you young fools are with your testosterone trumpets, the game dropped by these two extraordinary gentlemen may be just what the doctor ordered.

Look, BlueCheck Jesus may have gone full illuminati, but that doesn’t mean he’s not still my Homie, so I’m gonna put aside my thoughts on his recent sellout to the bluebird mafia and try to give this interview as fair a treatment as possible.

Coach Greg Adams

Buckle up, simps.

We’ll get into some of the highlights of the episode in just a moment. First, though, let me make my case for moving and operating in such a way that the advice imparted is less necessary:

Every day I thank God I found my wife when I was 18 years old and never looked back. I don’t know how you guys do it navigating a landscape of Kaleigh’s, Keisha’s, Ling-Ling’s, and Gorrrrdita’s. It must be hell. And if you don’t know what each of these 4 archetypes brings to the table, you have to watch the interview! That’s an order!

But the best advice for navigating that minefield is: Focus on yourself. Build yourself and make yourself so valuable that you’ll be able to look at the sea of thots not out of desperation, but in disdain and discernment as you wait for your perfect queen to present herself to you.

The Background

This was me back in 1992. I was just going about my business while working two jobs and going to college trying to learn and build my skills. That’s when this fine thing found ME.

There was something different about her, so I never even asked her out for the first three months we knew each other.

I was dating around but nothing serious. Just testing the waters, looking for wife materials. Not dipping my wick in anything because I didn’t want my descendants relying on WIC for everything.

We had been studying together (fate put us in 3 classes together in our first semester) for almost 3 months and had become best friends, but we had never really even talked about dating each other. Our friends kept trying to matchmake us, but we weren’t feeling it.

Laying a Proper Foundation

We just got along really well. So much so that she came over to my dorm to trim my neckline so I would look my best for a date I had later that night with someone else. I didn’t realize she was proving herself to me, but she was. She was the real deal then and still is.

About a month before we officially started dating, she asked me to drive her to one of the buildings on campus to print out a project for one of her classes. She said she’d buy me dinner to return the favor. Man’s gotta eat, so I obliged.

I took her to print what she needed to print for her class and then we went to the grocery store together because we both needed to pick up a few things for the week. Watching her go through the store with her fine ass in sexy gym gear and a baseball cap on, recommending things for me to stock my refrigerator that she thought I would like that galvanized the intuitive assuredness that she was pure wife material.

Then, she followed through with the promise of buying me dinner to repay me for driving her and protecting her on campus. We were still just friends, so there was no expectation that I would cover our meal as though we had already started dating.

We just sat there and talked about the same sort of stuff we talk about these days. Laughing and commenting on the crazy stuff going on around us. We had grown up going to the same church and I knew her family, so I knew she came from good, reliable stock. I had extensively vetted this investment and decided it was time to start locking it in.

The rest, as they say, it’s history. Almost 30 years later, she is still my queen and we are still slowly building our kingdom together. And my advice to you would be to do everything you can to try to build the same. It definitely takes some work and dedication, but it’s worth it.

The Harsh Reality

Unfortunately, you knuckleheads seem too thirsty to be able to practice that level of discipline and discernment, so you need this epic meeting of masculinity minds more than any generation of young men in history. The conversation between Coach Greg Adams and Hotep Jesus is a must watch if you want to survive the Simp era.

This generation of men is so thirsty, they can’t help but be manipulated by women who have no interest in building an empire—a generation of women turned parasitic resource vampires playing on an over emotional population of simps.

If you use social media at all, you should be using it to network with other men to build skills and build wealth so that the real women interested in being on a winning team will find you and offer to contribute to a championship.

But if you’re using social media to try to harvest the timeline for chicks to smash, you have predator and prey reversed, I’m afraid. And you’re about to end up like a duck pulling up on a pond full of decoys.

When you find out you got caught in a trap and you were just one of hundreds of ducks she’s bagged, it’ll be too late. And you’re definitely not going to be her last. What if you messed around and made a person with this catch and release expert? Is this the type of environment you want your offspring to grow up in?

Watch the Throne—Invest Wisely

In the age of a-new-coin-a-day crypto hysteria (much like the dating market), you have to treat your manhood and your seed like it’s your bank account. Are you willing to link your checking/savings account to a bunch of random exchanges offering too-good-to-be-true returns so you can trade some shitcoins?

You think you’re just going in there real quick for a pump and dump, next thing you know, there’s 18 years of automatic withdrawals and you’re getting hit with overdraft charges. Before long, your credit and your finances are wrecked for generations. Now what is your legacy gonna look like?

Don’t plant your progeny in the procreation purses of promiscuous parasites. Protect your portfolio by preventing your penis from playing in the panties of playgirls pretending to be princesses.

Call me old-fashioned, but sometimes it’s the old-fashioned, tried and true investment strategies that serve mankind the best.

Sure, it takes time, discipline, and a good bit of study and attention to intelligently invest in precious metals, guns, ammo, and the only resource they’re not making any more of, land. But nothing really worth having comes as easily as a Dogecoin pump. The difference is, even if you don’t have the most amazing overnight explosion, you still have something tangible to go home to, if you know what I mean.

And hey, if you find the right woman, even after 30 years she can still rock your world.

But if you must, approach the thotosphere minefield with care and with the expert advice of coach Greg Adams and Hotep Jesus. They take some very interesting journeys down the paths of eating women, the cold approach, money, building yourself, blackness, and the benefits of boys playing sports. If nothing else, you’ll at the very least be thoroughly entertained.

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