Stairway To Heathen - Cassius Cam WOD

Stairway To Heathen - Cassius Cam WOD

Cardio is often the most daunting part of a fitness regimen.  It can seem repetitive, mundane and outright avoidable for a lot of gym goers.

This is why I’ve developed many protocols to maximize the effectiveness of conditioning in the shortest amount of time possible.

These protocols are grueling. But, if you can go to the dungeon and grit your teeth, you can achieve elite cardiovascular conditioning fast! All while avoiding long, boring cardio sessions.

Equipment Needed

  • Stair master
  • Weight vest (not required for beginners)

Warm Up

Put on your hypest playlist and hop on a stair master.

Start at a moderate pace for 5 minutes.


At the 5 minute mark immediately crank the stairmaster speed to the highest level you can handle safely.

For 30 second intervals, alternate from your max pace to your warm up pace until you complete 150 floors.

(Stairmasters have a setting that count the amount of floors you’ve climbed)

Beginner Goal - no weight vest - 30 min 
Intermediate Goal - 25 lb vest - 30 min 
Elite Goal - 45lb vest - sub 30 min 
Cam’s PR - 45lb vest - 25:15


High intensity interval training is the most time effective way to build cardio. 

Though it’s extremely difficult, the mental and physical benefits are well worth it.

Don’t be a person who regularly skips cardio for time restraints.

No excuses. Good luck.

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