The Friendzone--4 Ways to Escape!

The Friendzone--4 Ways to Escape!

Escaping the friendzone.

This simple search was the beginning of my journey.

It’s something that we all want to figure out as budding red pillers. And while the true masculine answers will be “don’t get there in the first place” or “don’t try to”. You’re reading this because, like I, you are a determined individual set on acquiring skills. And this is the necessary gateway drug to understanding female nature.

So we are going to give it the attention and respect you deserve.

Beating the friendzone comes down to your ability to navigate, combine, and execute 4 strategies. Any of which, when done with full commitment, are guaranteed to change her attraction towards you.

Lets get into it.

1.Emotional Tampon

We’re leading with the big guns. This is my personal favorite because it’s a "nuke-from-orbit-China-hypersonic-missile" response.

When a girl is talking to you about other guys, how they make her feel, you are in the friendzone. If you ever hear her talk about how a guy shes interested in is a “jerk” you are burried under the friendzone.

So you have to give her a dose of her own medicine.

Now when doing this, I’m not recommending asking for her advice. It’s more of: making comments disguised as asking for advice.

  • What do you think of her, she’s beautiful right?
  • Hey I’m making her dinner at my place, its pretty much in the bag, which of these candle scents set the mood?
  • I have a girl coming over. Do girls prefer cotton or satin bed sheets?

This method challenges her assumption that you are someone not worthy of romantic persuit, and forces her to participate in helping you give your attention to women not named her.

Women are territorial over attention with men they know on a face to face level. They also have a severe disease known as FOMO (fear of missing out). This strategy nukes her reality and will create a complete 180 in her treatment towards you. However, converting her to a girl you date is its own strategy for another time.

Get ready for the, “How come you never did this to me?” And the “Lets hang out” texts.

2.Other Girls

Snapchat and Instagram are your weapons of choice when escaping the friendzone. The first method requires overt communication, this method requires her imagination.

Women adhere to preselection in a big way. Preselection is other women basically co-signing you as a romantic prospect. The hotter the girls, the stronger the preselection.

If a woman who places you in the friendzone follows you on one of those two platforms, and watches your posts and stories, your stories need to show that: you are active dating other women, that they are enjoying your company, and that y’all are doing dope shit. Obviously snapchat is more discrete than IG, so make sure you’re putting the stories on the appropriate platform. Great ideas are:

  • Her heels off at your place
  • Playing games/activities somewhere
  • Getting drinks at a nice/fun location
  • You and her cooking/eating
  • Enjoying VIP access with her

Not only will she attempt to break her friendzone barriers, shes going to outright deny she ever put you there in the first place. This will also bring flakeistina and ghostiana out from hiding.

3.Level Up

Women are born, men must become.

The beautiful part of being a man is we have complete control over our destinies. At any time, you can decide to level up and become the best version of yourself. And while you can improve your style, build your physique, and increase your income. The one way that will completely change her attitude towards you is learning game.

Understanding female nature causes you to move with a different confidence in your interactions with women. And as masters of nonverbal communication, women know the difference between a man who “Gets it”, one who doesn’t, and one who is faking it till you make it.

However, you must have complete congruence. As a previous friendzoner, you will have slim margin for error. Some insider trading for you: Always be willing to take the L.

IF you have leveled up your game this will be an instant no-brainer. But should she try to pull some “this is an act” type maneuver on you, gladly be willing to prove her right, and stop treating her as a romantic partner. The friendzoner would have fought for her approval.

And THAT is the true deciding testament to your leveling up.

4.Just Don’t

I said this in the introduction, just don’t accept her terms.

There is only your framing of reality. Period.

Attraction is non-negotiable. And trying to friend your way into dates with her is extremely disingenuous. If anything, when she tries to friendzone you, double down and let her know that this is only going down one way—with her on a date with you. Force her to come face to face with the decision of dating you, or losing you.

Most men, especially in the current climate, have no conviction for their lives, goals, and especially the women they like. It is very possible that you may be the first man in her life to truly impose your standards to her.

Not accepting her frame with a scortched earth mentality may not get you the girl, but it will get her respect. And women do not date men they don’t respect.


Escaping the friendzone is a gateway drug to getting the rest of your dating life sorted out. Escaping requires dealing with other women.

You will either forget the friendzone you were escaping, or find better girls along the way.

Welcome to the winning team.

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