The Law of Belief

The Law of Belief

“The law of life is the law of belief.”

Joseph Murphy

Identifying Your Beliefs

What are your beliefs? This is probably the most important question you can ask yourself. Whatever you believe deep down, is the reality which you will create in the world. Would you like to know why you are where you are in life? Take a look at your beliefs.

When we are young, our mind is wide open. We are sponges for whatever beliefs and perspectives are given to us by our surrounding environment. Our parents, teachers, TV shows, books, etc., all give us the foundation for our belief system as we move through life.

Once we become adults, our beliefs become our own responsibility. We have the ability to inspect our beliefs, decide which ones work for us and which ones don’t, and proceed accordingly.

Eliminating Limiting Beliefs

Do you have a belief that you received early in life that doesn’t work for you anymore or is disempowering? Find it, isolate it, and eliminate it. Then, replace it with another belief that is much more empowering and up-lifting. Do this with each and every belief that you have.

“Finish your plate, there’s starving children in the world” = Overeating later in life.

“Money is the root of all evil” = Poverty later in life.

“You are shy” = Lack of social circle and healthy relationships later in life.

You Have the Power

You have the power to create the beliefs you want to have. Would you rather have an empowering and fun belief like “The Universe is out to do amazing things for me”? Or would you rather have a limiting belief like “The Universe is out to sabotage everything I do”? In reality, the Universe doesn’t care. It’s simply the meaning you give to these events in your life that makes the difference.

Is living with passion, excitement, and enjoying amazing success something that appeals to you? Then find and instill beliefs that lead you to these outcomes. This is one of our true superpowers of being human. We can design our own belief system. It’s an amazing power!

"This is one of our true superpowers of being human...We can design our own belief system."

Andy Eversole

Begin the work today of taking a deep, close look at your beliefs. Decide where you want to go, and create the beliefs that will get you there.

Hypnosis is an incredibly efficient tool for this process, and I’ve helped thousands of people change their beliefs to make life much more fun and successful. Schedule a Free Consultation Call to Get Started.

Enjoy the Ride!

Andy Eversole, C.H.

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