The Magic Power of Juice

The Magic Power of Juice

In the Beginning...

It was my favorite store in town…a place called Body Ecology. Run by two Rastafarian brothers, it had a very welcoming atmosphere. The smell, energy, and content of the place just drew you right in.

Art, the older brother, would stay in the back behind the counter and run most of the store. It had all kinds of cool books, crystals, and he would do your astrological readings and create an oil-based fragrance depending on your star signs.

Clint, the younger brother, would hang out in the makeshift kitchen up front. There he made fresh carrot juice, rolled raw vegetable sushi, and created all sorts of delicious and amazing raw foods.

The Seed Was Planted

I was around 18 years old, just about to finish high school, when I discovered the place. I began going in at lunch, getting some fresh juice, and talking to Clint about the philosophy of food. During my visits over those few months, I learned more about health and clean eating than I had my previous 18 years on the planet!

While I sipped on that delectable, fresh, organic carrot juice, Clint opened my eyes up to a whole new world. He dropped some philosophical gems on me that remain part of my framework still today, over 20 years later.

He also instituted in me something that set my life on a different trajectory, and blessed me with a lifelong appreciation for the bounty of nature. He introduced me to the The Magic Power of Juice.

Raw Food Philosophy

“To Be Alive, You Must Eat Food That is Alive”

This one quote fully encapsulated Clint’s food philosophy. I remember when he said it, and I'll never forget. It rang a shock of truth through my bones. He was a raw food enthusiast. And his energy and excitement while working and talking with you could convince you almost immediately to give up cooked food forever. It worked on me for a good while, which was no small feat for a high school athlete.

This way of eating is actually pretty common among Rastafarians, many of whom are vegetarians or strictly raw food vegans. And as I looked deeper into it, I found the science that backed it up.


You see, when we cook food, we kill a lot of the enzymes inside of it. Enzymes are proteins found in living food that catalyze chemical reactions. They are extremely healthy and beneficial to the body, performing such tasks as building muscle, destroying toxins, and breaking down food particles.

In raw food they are plentiful and alive. In cooked food they are dead and non-existent. It turns out, one of the best and most efficient ways to fill your body with some amazing enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients is drinking raw, fresh, vegetable and fruit juice.

Nectar of the Gods - The Juice

It wasn’t long after my visits with Clint, that I got a Jack LaLanne juicer. I now had the power of the Universe in my own kitchen. So I began experimenting with different combinations and schedules of juicing. I even went on a couple of week-long juice cleanses, where you consume nothing but juice.

The changes were immediate. The first thing I noticed was an incredible increase in energy. Because your body takes up a lot of energy to digest food, when you drink juice this energy is freed up for other things. My thoughts became different and the concepts I pondered were elevated. I could feel evolution happening in real time!

It also cleared up my skin, eradicated any extra weight, and helped me to really get in touch with the processes of my body. Feeling the food you consume and really connecting with the quality of energy it gives your body is next level awareness.

The Point of No Return

By then I was hooked. It was like uncovering a super power. Once you see beyond the illusion, you can’t go back. Clint had helped open my eyes to the truth of nature’s beauty, while at the same time destroying the lies and misinformation of the Sickness Machine. I went deeper, devoured books and information, and continued refining my own techniques and understanding.

Since then, juice has been an integral part of my life. I have done at least two 7-Day juice cleanses every year for the past two decades, and many of my days include at least one power-packed concoction. As if I had found the good news of the gospel, I also started spreading the word like a preacher on a mission. Teaching, showing, inspiring, and leading others into the way of juice and incredible health.

Embracing Nature

It’s never been as important as it is today to be strong, healthy, and happy. The Dark Lords are working overtime to destroy our vital energy. The raw magic of nature is the way forward to a future free of death and destruction. I’m no raw food nazi, and love a good steak or cooked dinner. But there’s no denying the power and health benefits of raw food, especially juice.

Get started today learning how to tap into this incredible storehouse of energy and power. My program Raw Cleanse Reset will teach you everything you need to know about creating amazing juice and using it to feed your soul. Get a Juicer, Grab My Program, and save yourself and your family from the shackles of darkness and dis-ease.

Enjoy the Ride!

Andy Eversole, C.H. no

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