The Tantric Male: An Introduction

The Tantric Male: An Introduction

Let's Talk About Sex

In our society, sex is a taboo topic. We’re not supposed to talk about it. However, on the other hand, it is shoved in our face at every possible opportunity.

If you happen to be watching a sports event on television, a commercial break will eventually come on. Then, what happens? The first commercial is sexy women drinking beer and having a good time. The next commercial is an ad for erectile dysfunction. Finally, the last commercial is a fine sports car with a beautiful woman riding in the passenger seat. Before the game comes back on, you’re horny, wondering why you now want a BMW, and are heading to the fridge for another beer!

The ad companies, religions, and any other organizations that seek to direct your urges, know this all too well. Sex is the most powerful motivating factor to human beings. It colors every thought, action, and belief. It can cause a man to risk life, limb, and liberty toward its attainment. It can cause a woman to leave behind everything to fulfill its desires.

"Sex is the most powerful motivating factor to human beings."

Sexual Energy

We are hardwired to be conduits of sexual energy. As a species, this is how we survive and thrive. And as the world population grows past 8 billion people, it’s obvious we have become very good at it!

But the truth is, we don’t have to be slaves to our sexual energy. We don’t have to be led around by the nose because of our desires and urges. We don’t have to be manipulated into buying things, going places, or engaging in certain activities due to our loss of power over our sexual energy.

We don’t have to do any of these things because….


What is Tantra?

Tantra is the ancient eastern practice of sexual energy, transmutation, and spiritual development. The Tantric tradition comes out of India, and the Taoist tradition comes from China. But essentially, they arrive at the same point: The ability to control, direct, cultivate, and ultimately wield sexual energy and personal power.

The word “Tantra” in its original meaning, simply conveyed a process, or system of doing something. Eventually, the practice of developing sexual energy through meditation, breathing, and physical manifestation took on the all-encompassing term “Tantra”. Now, since its explosion into western culture, it has come to mean many other things.

Some people, when they hear the word Tantra, think of wild sex orgies and earth shattering orgasms. It is that, and much much more.

Others, when they hear the word Tantra, think of mystical Indian meditation practices and spiritual breakthroughs that melt the ego. It is that, and much much more.

Still others, when they hear the word Tantra, think of soft new-age music, oil-drenched massages, and intense emotional release. It is that, and much much more.

Embracing the Natural

Unlike most religious traditions, Tantra embraces the body. Our sensations, pleasures, and energetic movements are all part of the system in which we exist. Embracing the natural form and direction of the body and world in which we find ourselves is the Tantric path to spiritual enlightenment. And I don’t disagree.

"Embracing the natural form and direction of the body and world in which we find ourselves is the Tantric path to spiritual enlightenment."

As an intermediate practitioner, what Tantra has come to mean for me is simple, yet profound. It instills something that is the most basic of human endeavors, yet somehow one of the most challenging. An act that is simultaneously ancient and revolutionary. Tantra is simply, Pure Presence.

Not tied up in the past. Not tangled up in the future. But here, in this breath, in this present focus of attention, is where we find Tantric splendor.

The Tantric Journey

There are countless paths, sects, and subdivisions of this incredible journey. And as I relate this information, I walk my own path. For me, this is as much a journey of self discovery as it is a lecture or lesson. Tantra includes so many aspects of the human nature, that it truly is a life philosophy, spiritual discipline, and sexual methodology all combined into one.

The best part is each person’s journey is unique. You can take what works for you and leave the rest. You don’t have to chant ancient Sanskrit mantras or stand on your head for an hour to benefit from the incredible powers of Tantra. You can simply learn, explore, discover, practice, experience, and enjoy each step and breath along this amazing path of ascension.

"The best part is each person's journey is unique."

Next Steps

In the chapters that follow, we will cover these areas and aspects of Tantra practice. So stick around, and see what your mind and body are actually capable of. Or you can just take the blue pill and go back to sleep. Your choice!

  1. Breath - This is the basis of Tantra. Our breath connects us to the Universe and facilitates our energy flow.
  2. Energy - Sexual energy is constantly coursing through us. Tantra teaches us how to control, cultivate, raise, and wield this powerful energy. Learn how to power your entire life by transmuting sexual energy.
  3. Orgasm/Ejaculation - One of the primary lessons of Tantra for men is separating orgasm from ejaculation. They are not the same. Orgasms raise our energy while ejaculation depletes it.
  4. Love - Pure, open, unadulterated love. It comes in many forms and has many meanings. Learn how to embrace its power with Tantra.
  5. Eroticism - Sex isn’t a destination. It’s an experience. A moment. Tantra teaches spirituality through erotic living.
  6. Connection/Intimacy - Deep connection with yourself and others is one of the amazing benefits of Tantric practice. We simply don’t slow down and do this enough. It’s incredibly powerful and rewarding.
  7. Awareness/Consciousness - The truest result of Tantra. All practices, meditations, lessons, and experiences are designed toward this end.
  8. Kundalini - the powerful Shakti energy that is often in slumber at the base of the spine. Tantra opens this energy up for different and higher levels of spiritual and sexual vibration.
  9. Ego/Fear/Hurt/Loss - The human traits that keep us tied to suffering and worry. The promise of Tantra is the working through and release of these locks and chains.
  10. Birth & Death - When you are truly alive, you do not fear death. Each day we are born, each night we die. Tantra allows us to come into communion with these natural parts of existence, freeing us to live a life full, open, and fearless.

It’s going to be a wild ride, so get ready! You may experience thoughts, feelings, and bursts of energy and pleasure that you have never felt. This is good. You are opening up to a new way of living. Share your abundant energy and true spirit. Life is about to get really interesting. See you in the next chapter!

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Enjoy the Ride!

Andy Eversole, C.H.

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