The Tantric Male: Chapter 3 - Learning to Breathe

The Tantric Male: Chapter 3 - Learning to Breathe

Breath is Life

Of all the tools in the Tantric tool belt, the breath is the most powerful, immediate, and accessible. It is our connection to the Universe around us, and keeps us alive minute by minute. The breath has the ability to shape our perspective, create our reality, and shift our emotions. It also has the ability to energize our body and multiply the frequency and power of our sexual energy.

"The breath has the ability to shape our perspective, create our reality, and shift our emotions."

When you inhale, you are taking in Universal energy. Each breath allows you to give oxygen to all the cells and blood within your body, sustaining and building life. As the breath moves through you, it is then colored with the energy you have inside. Your thoughts, beliefs, perspectives, dreams, and actions color this breath energy with your unique artistic signature.

Your Energetic Broadcast

As you exhale, you are giving this gift to the world. You are sending a broadcast out into the Universe that has been colored by you. We are energetic bodies moving through an energetic Universe, and the breath is our direct connection.

Think about this as you breathe. What energy do you want to broadcast to the world around you? What colors would you like to exhale into the Universe? How do you want to influence, affect, and change the world around you? Your beliefs, thoughts, and actions determine the content of this message. And your breathe is how you give and receive it.

Breathing Into Tantra

Breathing is also the tool you will primarily use to evolve into a Tantric sex master. With the breath, you will learn how to grow, move, and manipulate sexual energy through your body and mind. You will discover how to transform a repetitive, mundane sexual experience into a life-altering journey toward the infinite orgasm.

"You will discover how to transform a repetitive, mundane sexual experience into a life-altering journey toward the infinite orgasm."

In the exercises below, you will start to feel and understand the power of the breath. You will be able to feel firsthand how these techniques change and elevate your energy within seconds. If you stick to them and practice them a bit each day, you will feel the overall energy of your life increase. You will bring more awareness and consciousness to each thing you do, and find more erotic energy showing up in all sorts of unexpected places. Going further, you will get a glimpse into the true power and divine realms of becoming a Tantric practitioner.

Find your balance, and what works best for you. If you really like one of these breaths, then continue its use daily. Soon you can come back to the others and start incorporating them as well. The main thing is just to simply become more aware of your breathing and start using it to develop your Tantric energy.

Four Tantric Breathing Techniques

  • 1. The Micro-Cosmic Orbit - This is the breath that got me started in Tantric practice. I love the simplicity, the visualization aspect, and the extreme power it possesses. This is the first breath I teach to all of my hypnosis and Tantra clients.

You can do this breath either sitting on the floor with legs crossed, in a straight back chair, or standing up. Posture is important, so focus on keeping your spine straight during practice. Begin by inhaling through the mouth as much air as you can. Visualize the breath and energy coming into your body through the perineum. This is the space in between your anus and your genitals. This is also the location of your root chakra.

As you inhale through your perineum, allow the breath energy to continue up the spine all the way to the top of the head. Then, connect your tongue to the roof of your mouth to close the energy circuit, and exhale. As you exhale, feel the breath moving down your front all the way back out of the perineum from which it came. Do this breath over and over until it starts to create and circle, or orbit, hence it’s name (micro-cosmic orbit). If you want to increase the energy of the breath, add a Kegel or PC muscle squeeze with each inhale. This will help shoot the energy up your spine. Continue to visualize the movement of the breath energy, and imagine with each and every breath you increase your overall power and erotic energy. Do this for 3-5 minutes.

  • 2. The Heart Breath - This is a wonderful, simple breathing technique that can be used for a variety of purposes and situations. It’s a great overall erotic breath. By mastering this breath and bringing it into erotic situations, you can take sexual energy into realities and dimensions you didn’t even know existed!

Begin by allowing yourself to yawn. Go ahead and go for a full yawn. Feel how the yawn opens up the back of your throat. This is the open feeling you are going for with the heart breath. Relax your face, jaw, and mouth, then inhale deeply through the mouth, slowly, taking in all the air you can.

Then exhale. You don’t have to push the air out. Just let it fall out as effortlessly as possible, with relaxation and gentleness. You aren't really pushing or trying for anything here. Just move the breath energy powerfully and slowly through your body. Do this for 3-5 minutes.

  • 3. The Breath of Fire - This breath comes from the Kundalini tradition of Tantric Yoga. It can be extremely intense and powerful, and create lots of heat and energy very quickly. This breath is done entirely through the nose.

Again, with a straight spine either sitting or standing, prepare your body and mind for the breath. Begin by exhaling first, while simultaneously pulling your stomach toward your spine. As you inhale, let your stomach return back to its original position. The air will fill your lungs automatically. You can put your hands on your stomach to focus your attention and feel the power of the energy.

Begin slowly, with one breath every few seconds, then increase in speed, working up to one or two breaths per second. This breath is very intense and should not be done longer than 2 minutes.

  • 4. The Bottom Breath - This breath is similar to the Micro-Cosmic orbit, except that it reverses the pattern. Its a great way to energize your genitals and spine, and move erotic energy through your chakra system.

Begin by inhaling through your nose, and moving the breath all the way down the front of your body into your genitals and root chakra. Feel your whole lower genital area full of energy and vibrancy. Then begin the exhale with a Kegel/PC squeeze and shoot the energy up your spine. The exhale can be through the nose, mouth or both.

Visualize the energy moving down your front, and up your spine. You may feel and see shooting out of the top of your head, circling around your head in an orbit, or both. As soon as you exhale, start the next inhale, so that you are creating a continuous motion of breath and energy. This can be an amazing breath to do before or during sex to energize you and your lover with incredibly powerful erotic energy.

Becoming a Master of Your Breath

Breath is life. And the more we master our breathing, the richer, fuller, and more exciting our life becomes. These breathing techniques come from thousands of years of study, discipline, and mastery. One could spend their entire life going deeper into the breath and maximizing its power. Think about how much your life will change by just giving it a few minutes of your time, consciousness, and energy each day. Not only will you radiate incredible energy as you move through the world relaxed, powerful, and confident, but your lover will feel the effects of your practice as well. This will allow him/her to surrender to your presence, awareness, and reach levels of erotic pleasure that neither one of you have ever known. Explore and enjoy!

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Explore and enjoy!

Andy Eversole, C.H.

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