The Tinder Swindler

The Tinder Swindler

The game was on full display in the Netflix film The Tinder Swindler.

In the movie Simon Leviev preys upon women in their 30's, seducing them into falling in love with him before extracting hundreds of thousands of dollars off of his marks.

His ability switch between, integrate, and separate business from pleasure while his business was pleasure was a masterpiece.

While his execution was hitler-esque levels of abuse, one cannot deny the Tinder Swindler's ability to navigate women. Remove the con part and we would be talking about one of the most prolific players of all time.

Now, this is a man that convinced women to do shit they didn't even know how to do. Thats how tight his game was. That's how much he was able to inspire women to love him.

Here at Men of Order we talk about the game principles Simon the Tinder Swindler utilizes. We will hyperlink those gems of game as we move through. Let's get into it...

The game

The game between men and women is as follows:

  • Women: extract resources and security from the strongest male possible, while with holding sex—on a biological level, they only get pregnant once every year so they cant afford to miss.
  • Men: acquire as much sex as possible, from as many women as possible, while giving up as little resources as possible

Women mature physically much earlier than men. As a result they learn how to navigate the game significantly earlier. By the time they are 22, they likely have had nearly a decade of experience.

Because of that, and the billions of thirsty dudes on the plannet, women have the reps to hone their game to get what they want. But a well tuned player must understand everything about women:

their emotional needs, how they react to what, the cadence of their skepticism, how to give them the correct vibe, and when to do it, etc.

The Tinder Swindler is important because you see the depth, skill, precision, and quickness he utilized to not only get women, but to get the bag out of them.

Tinder Swindler Game: Attraction

Hid Instagram a fantastic collection of attraction triggers. As much as I personally hate the online dating game (in person is making a comeback), his IG structured to show the life of a high level man:

  • Yachts, parties, nice clothes, super cars, private jets, etc.

In the movie Girl#1 says she has over 1,000 tinder matches a large sample size of men to compare to the Swindler. And she says “He’s living a life I can never touch”.

He then puts her through major screening hurdles not gauge how serious these women are about him, and to make the women chase/qualify themselves to him:

  • "Come to my hotel."
  • "Come on my jet with me in 5 hours"
  • "My baby momma is joining us with my daughter"

These are massive red flags to women that you don’t have rapport with

But, shows up early, complies, and through each compliance I found my self saying "DAMN SHE'S DONE!!"

Keep in mind he ran her through all these screening methods that were very powerful hurdles, within hours of meeting her.

Tinder Swindler Game: Comfort

This one is initially obvious and also very nuanced. We have the obvious monetary prowess of Simon and how that is an instant indicator that he can take care of a woman.

But there are some significant flexes he uses to drives home comfort in non-thirsty ways:

  1. Sends an email from his business email
  2. Has a rolls Royce drive her home
  3. Has a body guard protecting his life
  4. Employs her with his company
  5. Shows her a lifestyle where she is well known and catered to

Now a very subtle BUT very important one is the constant danger Simon aledgedly lives under working in the diamond industy.

Women love it when a man can face conflict and win. Knowing their man is battle hardened, and has the aptitude to emerge victorious no matter the challenge, is extremely attractive and comforting.



You could feel her imagination doing laps the moment he sent that text.

The timing and one word response of this moment was amazing. I can't believe I have never thought of saying some baller shit like that. Implying that he’s involved in activities that could be dangerous, and he's thriving.

We'll get into the subtleties of this in a bit, but damn...Magnificent!

Tinder Swindler Game: Sexual

He ran pimp game disguised as relationship game. I would not recommend relationship game to young man on his mission or a budding player- it typically leads to the friendzone.

But being the the dream man of every woman, he had 100% leverage and could sell the dream without becoming a simp. Factor in that we was in demand for his "business", and you have the perfect non simp relationship material man.

And these chicks fell hard for the dream.

  • I love you texts
  • I want you to be the mother of my children
  • Move in with me
  • We are almost there, just one more favor...

When a woman is in love with you, she will do every and anything for your love. Like I said above, hitler-esque execution. But none the less, the Tinder Swindler understood this, and executed an intricate system of "us against the world" type maneuvers.

But a crucial ploy of his was asking for money, then “overpaying" the girls back.

A MASSIVE hook! It was truly impressive for one reason only:

It wasn't about the money, it was about what the overpayment meant and made them feel. Big time player move.

This clicked for me when girl#2 said the check didn't even clear. But as she recounted the payment, she lights up like the 4th of July. The money didn't even matter.


I am fucking amazed. You have to consider the speed he was executing his game at.

And even more impressive is that each thing he did was a combination of all three with massive covert messaging between the literal words and the sub-communication:


Holy shit I almost crapped my self when he said this. The one word text, the timing, the use of it after creating this nice-guy-prince-charming image. Masterful framing, pace, cadence, and precision in Tinder Swindler's game. He conveys so much with this one word:

  • Attraction: I’m making business moves, help me help us win
  • Security: I’m going to make money
  • Sexuality: I’m involved in dangerous activity and I’m still here (winner)

On the surface level this is 60% security and 40% attraction.

On the sub communication level, which women are highly attuned to, 80% sexual, 10% attraction, 10% security. Women love a "bad boy." All the sudden he's gone from perfect dreamboat gentleman, to perfect dreamboat gentleman who is dangerous.



The Tinder Swindler has the tightest game I’ve ever seen.

Having read this, I advise everyone watching the movie to take this breakdown with you; watch the movie to learn, not to be entertained. Look at for the emotional highs and smiles the women show, then go back and look for what Simon did that triggered that.

This is massive amounts of game that was laid down by Simon. Not going to lie, the cadence of his game was educational to me as well. Awakening things I have long forgotten.

I will probably be geeking out about “untraceable” for a long time.

Like I said in the intro, Simon Leviev is an extremely gifted man when it comes to understanding women.

But chose the path of Darth Vader vs Master Skywalker. And became an abusive dickhead. Aspire to be a man who makes the world a better place. Many of these women are still financially ruined-

To. This. Day.

Next week we will break down the business system side he was utilizing. It wasn't until this past year that I finally understood how sex is sales.

And we will see once again, the Tinder Swindler drops some tremendous game:

Emotions sell, logic closes.

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