3 Reasons to Avoid Bluetooth

3 Reasons to Avoid Bluetooth

As convenient as Bluetooth is, it presents cybersecurity, privacy, and health issues. Here is a quick write-up on things you should keep an eye on when using Bluetooth.

It's Prone to Hackers

Bluetooth is an attack vector hackers love to use to exploit people's devices.

Bluejacking is a cyberattack that uses Bluetooth to spam devices with annoying messages. It's more of a prank than anything super malicious.

While bluejacking sends data, bluesnarfing steals data. It allows hackers to remotely access Bluetooth device data like calendars, contacts, emails, and text messages.

Bluesnarfing attacks can start as far as 300 feet away, without the user's permission.

In bluebugging attacks, hackers install malware directly on the device.

Once the malware is loaded, attackers can read and send messages, access contact lists, and even eavesdrop on phone calls.

3 Reasons to Avoid Bluetooth phone bluetooth hackers

It Makes Devices Weaker

Devices with Bluetooth enabled eventually have weaker battery life and quicker battery drain.

If Bluetooth is on all day, that phone or tablet is easier to find.

The device is discoverable by other people, even if they never interacted with it.

Bluetooth connections have a limited range, weaker when devices are more than 30 feet apart.

And Bluetooth has slower data transfer speeds than USB or Wi-Fi.

3 Reasons to Avoid Bluetooth phone bluetooth battery drainage

Health Concerns

Smart phones already emit RF radiation Adding Bluetooth devices just adds more to it.

The EMF exposure may be a small amount, but consistent exposure can lead to poor sleep.

It's convenient to plug up your devices to charge at night. Sleep with your phone away from you. Make sure the cord is away from your bed or pillow.

Airplane Mode disconnects your phone from WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular data. This limits the frequency of EMF waves that are emitted.

Wireless headphones are the most common Bluetooth devices, so it's best to limit usage.

Limit your headphone usage to 60-90 minutes daily, and keep the volume at a reasonable level.

If your work environment requires you to have headphones on for longer periods, lower the volume even further.

3 Reasons to Avoid Bluetooth MOON

Wrapping Up

Be cautious of any rogue connections, and only turn Bluetooth on when you need it. 

The longer your device uses Bluetooth, the worse performance will be over time. 

Once you develop a plan to limit your exposure to Bluetooth devices, add MOON to your daily routine.  

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