Alert: Get Off Your Ass And Travel The Globe...Or Die Trying!

Alert: Get Off Your Ass And Travel The Globe...Or Die Trying!

Why We Travel The World And You Should Too (Even During Covid-19)

Let's Be Honest...

Let's face it. "Travel the world or die trying " takes on specific meaning these days. Quite literally, people are afraid to travel because of the threat of catching COVID and dying. Newsflash. Coronavirus is not the damn bubonic plague. Spin the globe. Throw a dart at a map. Go anywhere but the US. By the way, the "we" mentioned above is other people in the expat community (yes, it's a community). Especially Black men, with whom lately, going abroad has become very popular. They're hellbent on escaping the "matrix" or "rat race". Specifically going to countries on this side of the Atlantic like Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Colombia.

For people who complain about so much, you would think that more Americans would leave America to live in another nation in a heartbeat. We all know the attitude of angry White conservatives: "If you don't like it here, then leave" (never-mind the fact they spew this drivel to other US citizens, not illegals, but I digress). When you actually take that leap, the reality becomes clear that the world is bigger than just the United States and that scares some people.

The world is so big and you're so small. Personally, I've been to five countries (and counting) in the world and I'm not even 25 yet. If I can do it, truly anyone can. We as humans have been doing this since the dawn of time.

Black intellects/creatives back in the day like poet Langston Hughes, engineer Paul Robeson (who even defected to the USSR) knew the joys of living abroad. Or even the unsung "Black Mammy of Moscow" in the early 1900s, actress and singer Emma Harris. The old-heads always told me travel the world while you're young. Provided you have testicular fortitude, GO. While you still have air in your lungs and pep in your step. So, in no particular order of importance, here's the 5 reasons you should travel this big world!!

1. Travel to Learn A New Language

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Duh! Hello?! Learning a new language is exciting, fun, and useful. If you see yourself living somewhere for an extended period of time, then this is reasonable. Not only is it beneficial to know a second language but ever-important in the modern world. There's something about communicating in a language without having to translate the words. The context, tone, and intent isn't bastardized thus you're able to connect more naturally. Moreover, some things get lost in translation and lose their meaning when translated.

Vocabulary...A piece of cake! However, semantics and syntax are usually the toughest for me. By osmosis you will observe your vocabulary grow. By doing everyday things like going to the local tienda for groceries or flirting with your crush, your word bank grows. It's just natural. They call it "immersion". Actually going to the place that speaks the target language and learning by trial. After a while you will begin to understand certain words and even be able to eavesdrop on other people's conversations with comprehension.

Being bilingual is good for the brain. You make yourself more marketable and competitive in the global job market. You regret not paying attention in your sophomore Spanish class yet? It's also very attractive. Which leads me to the next reason.

2. Travel and Dating (Don't Be A Simp)

Dating is an obvious one. Depending on your taste, travel destination, and whether you have racial preferences, you're bound to find someone. Many other countries haven't been sabotaged by the perils of feminism, reversal of gender roles, and "bitching of men". Frankly, the vibe in said countries is refreshing. By the way, Does anyone in the manosphere discuss travel as a viable alternative to the fat, pushy, unladylike American women they constantly complain about?

Oh yeah, also the ones with bad attitudes, high standards, and nothing to offer in return? They oughta because overseas dating is where it's at! The novelty. culture. The automatic status. People think if you're able to travel internationally you're rich and someone worth sharing time with. But, there's a caveat. if you're the type with no game and find it hard to find a mate in the US, travel isn't the proverbial magic wand you wave to transform into some Don Juan or Casanova. If you find it suddenly easy, when it never has been for you, you may have a gold-digger or someone with nefarious intentions on your hands.

Disclaimer: I do not recommend nor endorse sex tourism. It's not my wheelhouse nor do I think it advantageous long-term. That's what sexpats are for which you can easily find via the Web.

Make good decisions and have fun. Have your wits about you. Don't be a simp. Don't be gullible or naïve into thinking someone you only knew for all of two seconds is in love with you. You're sure to be taken advantage of, drugged, and/or robbed. If you're good-looking, can hold a real conversation and have half a brain, you're bound to find a worthy woman (or man) who's into you. If you're a top-tier man/woman you're bound to find someone equal to you. The world is so big!

3. Travel for Networking/Business Opportunity

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Overseas, there are many people who don't have either the language ability or know-how to start the business they want to solo. So, that's where you come in. As a foreigner you have access to an unique skill (culinary, athletic etc.) that locals don't and/or an unique style of said skill. The people you meet abroad may prove to be useful contacts for the future. Especially if you're associating with people of high status, potential, or intellect.

In August 2017, I moved to Harbin, China to study as apart of the White House Initiative on HBCUs. To this day I still retain some of the language and have a frame of reference that proves invaluable when asked of my firsthand accounts in relation to politics, diplomacy, international relations, and current events (*coughs COVID-19) . Anyway, at one point, I was on the cusp of starting a dual-cuisine restaurant with my close Chinese associate Qishuo.

Since he's pretty well-off, this was very viable and something we were seriously undertaking. But sometimes the timing just isn't right so our venture never materialized. It's hard to not catch the hustle bug! In China especially. People are hustling everywhere you look. Street vendors selling you fried chicken or people in Mexico performing music with their sombreros turned makeshift tip jars. I made memories there that I cherish even to this day; Like eating dragon-fruit for the first time or clubbing, and going to the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival (largest in the world). Read more about my crazy yet cherished experience in China in chapter two of my book -----> Perspectives Over Politics (2020)

4. Travel to Gain Perspective

Speaking of perspectives, your worldview changes. No, not just the metric system vs. imperial system! Whether it was being a laowai or gringo, undoubtedly I got to see how other people live. Whether it was in slums or swimming in cash, the stark contrasts between people of different strata is a universal thing. While overseas I tend not to associate with other Americans as they usually bring their trash mentality overseas and it would partly defeat the purpose of my being abroad.

The entitled, close-minded and ignorant mentality that dubiously expects the world to bow down to it is one I don't vibe with. On the other hand, I find that in other countries/cultures even if the people are poor monetarily they are rich in spirit. You will sometimes see them laughing and smiling for no reason at all. Meanwhile in the US (an overcivilized culture) people need fifty different antidepressants just to get their day started. Why is that?

There's something to be said for this phenomenon. Also I'll add, people exist in communities and look out for their neighbors. The culture is not like in the US, where people live as islands and it's normal to not know your neighbors. There's an emphasis on social capital versus the US whereas it's mostly centered on money and materials. Pretty refreshing stuff...

5. Travel for Leisure

Sometimes leisure is reason enough. There's no shame in that. The opportunity to unwind and relax. A chance to forget the fast pace and bustle of the rat race. Relaxation of the mind and body is so much easier with some distance between you and your stressor(s). Even if it's an internal stressor(s), a new environment facilitates healing. Even with a weakened US passport, there's still many countries you can go to with varying levels of COVID-19 restrictions. Well, that's all I have for now. Until next time. Peace!

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