Twitter Ban? Potential Removal From Apple Store

Twitter Ban? Potential Removal From Apple Store

Elon Musk is back in the headlines which has many people concerned about the future of Twitter.

As crazy as it sounds, Musk's recent purchase of Twitter has led to controversy throughout the entire world.

There are millions of people that are very happy that he was able to take over the app, but many others are extremely upset over the acquirement.

Some people think that his takeover will help promote free speech and help eliminate censorship, but many others think that Musk is an egotistical narcissist who just wants chaos.

As soon as Musk took over as Twitter's new CEO, he immediately fired over 70% of the staff. Along with this, he reinstated some formerly suspended accounts, including former President Donald Trump.

Whatever you want to think about Musk is fine, but I think it is safe to say that things are going to become very interesting in the future!

Apple Threatens to Withhold Twitter

Elon acquired Twitter for a small bargain of $44 Billion Dollars and many have speculated that the famous entrepreneur is low on cash.

Musk plans to restructure Twitter's revenue stream towards some type of subscription service in order to make the company profitable. He initially created a program where users could pay $8 a month for Twitter Blue, but that quickly came to a halt due to some people creating fake accounts pretending to be other people.

Musk plans to reintroduce this idea in a more professional and organized manner, including three different types of check mark verifications.

In addition to this, many advertisers have pulled their advertisements from Twitter since the Musk acquisition.

Now, we know that Elon is a controversial man, but when one of the biggest companies in the world gets involved in the mix then you know things are very serious.

According to a tweet from Elon Musk, Apple has threatened a Twitter Ban from its App store, meaning users will no longer be able to download the App. He also had a message for Apple CEO @tim_cook.

This announcement came hours after Musk said Apple had froze all its advertising on the App.

The Apple Tax

The Twitter account @WatcherGuru also pointed out the following:

"Apple takes a 30% tax from app developers who make over $1 million through the ‌App Store‌ on an annual basis.

Apple's App Store is the equivalent to a 30% tax on the Internet."

This means Twitter would too suffer the first-year commission of 30% via the Apple Store which is obviously not appealing to Musk, but neither would be a Twitter ban.

Epic Software, which created the popular game Fortnite, is also currently battling Apple over the 30% tax. The creators wanted to sell digital products within the game, such as costumes and skins, to its customers without paying the 30%.

The CEO, Tim Sweeny, publicly showed his support for Musk on Twitter and claimed that Apple unfairly banned them from the App Store, similar to the situation Musk is facing.

It's true, Apple removed the game from its App store and has since been in legal battles with the company. Could Musk potentially see the same type of punishment?

The Apple fiasco initially started when Musk suggested the idea that Google and Apple could potentially remove Twitter from their platforms. He then suggested the idea of competing against Apple and Google by creating his own cell phone company.

This may seem absurd to many, but do you really question if the man who plans on going to Mars can create his own cell phone company?

This man sold 'flamethrowers' as a joke, builds rocket ships, has an advanced internet network in Starlink, and paid $44B for one of the most popular social media apps in the world.

I wouldn't put any idea past this guy, just saying.

Apple vs The European Union

Musk has continuously argued for free speech since acquiring the Social Media App, and it seems like Apple has a problem with the way he operates.

With that being said, Musk may have an already existing digital army that he can align forces. The European Union is also attacking Apple via The Digital Markets Act due to Apple's unfair practices.

The Digital Markets Act entered into force on November 1 and will be applicable on May 2, 2023.

Its goal is to require companies such as Apple to offer alternatives to allow third-party app stores on its platforms and alternative payment systems.

Will there be a Twitter Ban?

Great Question.

This is definitely a serious situation, considering that there is already another company that is facing the same issues.

I would definitely be prepared for some type of shakeup.

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